Thursday, March 13, 2014

Random Thoughts

I have been trying to think of what to crochet (I am almost done with my bunny idea) over Spring Break. I've also been tryinng to think of things I could put in my Etsy store.  Well yesterday I was baking a cake (because "there's nothing to eat".. Lol). I opened up the hot pad drawer and saw my rooster hot pad. I thought, "I should crochet one of those!"..  I think I have only made three so far. I was trying to think of other colors to make, too. Of all the yarn I brought with me from NV, I brought all my dishcloth cotton (and baby yarn). I'll have to see what colors I could use. I started another black one last night. I didn't have enough of the black/white for the tail. So I went to Hobby Lobby. I didn't see any black/white, but I got some grey/white that will work for the tail/comb.

I took this picture two days ago. It was sunny and 74. Beautiful. But then yesterday it was cold, rainy, and super windy. :(  Today is starting out cold, too.  Our neighbors tree is already bloomed. Probably not going to be good for his tree. Our big tree in our back yard hasn't bloomed yet. It's supposed to get beautiful flowers on it. I will definitely take pictures. My husband said "some tulips or something" were coming up in the back yard, too; so I will have to go look.

I joined the March Postcard Pal Swap in the Love of Letters group on Ravelry.  I have not been able to find one postcard anywhere, since we moved here. So... I went googling and found these online.  I wanted to go somewhere while the kids are still on Break. So far we've only gone to the doctors.. :(  I tried to get Eon to go to the library. But he didn't want to. I need to go to the Post Office today to get postcard stamps. Maybe I can talk him into going to the Museum across the street. Maybe the museum will have some postcards, too.    Oh, I take that back. We did go get our licenses, and went fishing. I will have to post about that. We didn't catch anything, but I think Eon really liked it.

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