Friday, March 07, 2014

Bow Ear Warmer

I finished my bow ear warmer yesterday.  Here is the link to the Etsy store where I got the pattern. (Swellamy.) Bow Ear Warmer. You get two patterns, another ear warmer pattern called Bobble Ear Warmer (I think), and this one.  

I wore it all day.  It got kind of itchy after a while.

I told you, it was an "I don't feel like doing my hair day.." :P  I wasn't going anywhere. So.

I don't know if you can tell, but that's Duke getting into a bag of puppy food. :P  I guess it tastes better out of the bag. I worked on my Minion Slippers a little, too. I'm almost to the toe part.  


Mimi said...

Nice on you Tina, it looks like a quick fix-up for hair and keeps you warm ;) I guess its really cold there since you're wearing a jacket too.

paula said...

I like the bow ear warmer . . . where did you get the pattern? It would be a neat Christmas gift for the 5 nieces.

Tina said...

Thanks both of you. Paula I added the pattern link to my blog post. :) They work up quick, too! Great last minute gifts (I should know, I think I made six last Christmas, Lol..)