Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Project Progress and Snow..

I finished crocheting the bunny's body last night, and sewed the head on. I also finished a leg. But then I realized I did the colors backwards. I think I'm just going to go with it. The darker colors will be better anyway for the reservation.  (The legs/arms are supposed to be, the darker color for the feet/hands, the lighter color for the rest.) I did it backwards: lighter color for the feet, darker for the leg. :P 

It snowed yesterday. I was a little surprised. I said "It's not supposed to snow on Spring Break."  This is about all the snow we got. Maybe a little bit more, but not much..  I didn't think it would be so cold or have this much snow down here.  

Here is a picture of a Creepy Clown!! Eon drew in Art Class. He brought all his art projects/papers home last Friday. Since Art Class is over now. :(   The "SM" stands for "Super Market".   I know he just drew this to try and give me nightmares. ;)

I thought I would share a few cute doggy pictures..  :)  Eon was messing around with an old pair of my glasses. I was looking for something in my nightstand for him (ear plugs, I think) because it was storming and windy and he said he wouldn't be able to sleep. I didn't find any ear plugs, but I found a couple pairs of mine and hubby's old glasses. These are mine.  He put them on Duke. :P  Being the Ham he is, Duke posed for a picture... :P

And here he is again, in a basket...   Lol

I took this one of Jetta. She turned three years old in January. You wouldn't know it since she has regressed to her puppy days, it seems like (since we got Duke). 

Did anyone get any Paczki's today? I wanted to, but my husband took my truck to work today. :(  I could take his, but it's been a long time since I've driven a stick. Plus.. it's a stinky work truck.   I texted him, so maybe he will bring some home. (Knowing him, he will bring a bag of powdered donut holes home.. Sigh..) Gotta love him, he tries, though. :p   Happy Fat Tuesday, everyone. :D


Mimi said...

Cute dog pics...they look happy!
The clown looks a bit scary, but its quite detailed and artistic :) Hope he's now fully recovered from the ear infection...I guess boys do ignore sickness as long as they could, until it becomes an emergency :(

Tina said...

I think he just drew it because he knows I hate clowns, Mimi. :( And I think you are right abuot boys waiting until it is an emergency. I know my husband waits until he is "dying" to go to a doctor.. :/