Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hialeah Progress..

Somehow, I have managed to get this much done so far...  14 motifs. It didn't seem like it would "even out"; but it did.  It was kind of confusing at first, figuring out the motifs/diagram. But it seems to be getting easier. Once I figured the diagram out. Three more motifs and I will be halfway done with the motifs.  (But not with the bag..)  All the little tags are which number motif they are. Or I would get completely confused. :P

This week (and next) is the school Book Fair. I offered to volunteer to help out. Today was the first day. Supposedly, it will be easier from tomorrow on. I'm not helping out tomorrow; since I "have" to drive my husband to his dentist appointment. (And pick him up..)  I didn't want to help out every day, but...  They kind of act like they are depending on me. And since I don't have to do testing this Friday, (sigh....) I guess I will.  A couple of boys were seen putting things into their pockets today. :/  (Can't figure out a mad sideways "smiley"...)  One was caught, and he had to pay for the bookmarks he tried to steal. The one boy that was "caught"; I had been watching, too. They must have taken something the second I took my eyes off them. I was watching two tables.  It was hard to keep an eye on everyone. And they would huddle around the table (the table with all the little stuff that would be easy to take-- pens, pencils, erasers...). You would think they would be happy/grateful to have a Book Fair in their school...  The items they were trying to take weren't even that expensive, either.   Sigh...    Overall, though; I think all the kids had fun.  And I enjoyed helping them with their "wishlists".  :D 

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