Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hialeah Bag

I started another new project last night (aheeeem...)  I could not resist.  I didn't have Tahki cotton (size 2 yarn), sooo...  I am using Wool-Ease for the grey and Simply Soft for the yellow. I had a little ball (PERFECT color) of teal, but it isn't enough...  :(((   I don't know what I am going to do for that. It's not until motif #33, so maybe I will find yarn for it by the time I am ready to crochet it.   After I started crocheting this, I was thinking "what could I use for a size 2 yarn?"...   And I thought maybe like a heavier weight cotton thread might work.  Or a couple (or three?) strands held together? I don't know if that would be too stiff, though.  We have no good yarn stores where I live, unless I drive over an hour away.  So I could maybe just look online (in the future..).   So, I will just have a larger sized purse I guess. :P (Which I like anyhow...)   Anyway, this pattern is from the Interweave Crochet Spring 2011 issue.    You can (maybe?) see more pictures of the purse here, online.  Now I need to get a skirt/clothes to go with my purse. Hee hee.  It's weird because lately I had been thinking, "A darker gray would go good with a pale yellow". And then I saw this purse (bag).   :P   I also don't know what I will do for the handles. I would like a "handle" that I can put over my shoulder. I don't like carrying purses (bags) with my hand.

Still thinking about the dog...   :) 

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