Sunday, March 20, 2011

Even More Card Stuff... :P

Yup, I have been in the mood to make cards again...  (And write letters~ what's up with that? lol...)  This one is from the Sept/Oct 2010 "Paper Crafts" magazine... It's called "Dictionary Flower Card".   I didn't have the flower stamp; I used a "stencil" (punch outs I had). I put the stencils over words like "friend", "sweet", or "lily"...  :)  Then used colored pencils (I don't have the spray paint or whatever they used in the magazine). Then used floss for the "stems". I drew little dots and poked little holes through the paper so I would know where to put the needle through at...  And, some little gem dots...  I was feeling crafty yesterday. :P

And even still this morning. I didn't have an envelope the right size for this card & I was thinking maybe I could make one out of the "ledger" paper. Then I had an idea to copy pages of the dictionary, and circled words like "letter", "envelope", "correspondent", and "mail".  Only one or two showed up for this small envelope but still...   :P  I thought it was pretty cool. 

And someone else was feeling crafty, too. :P  Yup, it was Eon...   He made some "cards" with pictures of his hamster, Mia.  "Her Big Day".  :P  (That was the day we got her~ he's so funny..)   (He has two hamsters but we don't have many pictures of Coco. Which is one of Mia's babies that we kept...)  The one on the right is supposed to be confetti. I thought it was supposed to be fireworks, cuz it says "Boom". But I asked him this morning, and he said "No, it's the boom when all the confetti comes out".  lol... ?   

And he made a card for our old puppy, Koda; too.  :(   I said "Don't use all my gem dots..."  "I won't"...  (Sigh...   He didn't leave me much... Fortunately I think these were from the Dollar Store. I hope so..)   He had fun though so that's okay.  ;)


Handmade Crafts Done While RVing said...

I like the whole photo copy and circled words - cool! Your puppy Koda looks like a natural for the camera lol

Mimi said...

Oooh...those cards are so cute Tina! Looks like mom and son had so much fun :)
I love the first photo, so artsy!
And I love the dictionary idea too ;)