Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Better Days..

I haven't been having any more days like my last post, anyway... I thought I would post some pictures and a video I made, the last time we went to Bass Pro Shop. The boys love going there. There is a huge aquarium (two actually, one isn't so 'huge', but has a lot of bigger fish); sometimes they have a mermaid in there. (See video below... pictures/video didn't post like I thought they would..) This time there were two guys in there, fixing things. The only thing is, they allow smoking in the casino which is right by the aquarium. I hate that. But, it is peaceful to watch the fish, and the stingrays (you couldn't pay me enough to swim in there with those things-- they must have 'de-stung' them or something...). They have a 'shooting range' where you can shoot all kinds of things. We had planned on going here this day so I brought lots of quarters. :) That's the main reason--besides the aquariums, the boys like going there... besides, we always get candy there, too. :P

It's not the greatest video, and no sound (need a real camera...) But, it's better than nothing. :)

Hope you are all having a good day. :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Apparently, today is...

... "Annoy The Living Crap Out of Tina" Day!! Arghhh! It started at 1 am this morning. I woke up (sleeping with the 7 year old in a twin bed because he won't sleep alone is not fun...) and went into my own room. Well I couldn't get back to sleep, then. I layed there, my mind wouldn't shut off... Then I hear noises. "What is that?" I thought, "I would bet anything Eon is in here somewhere..." I couldn't see him, but finally figured out he was under our bed!! Ugh... I tried pulling on him to get him out from under the bed, without waking up my husband. He wouldn't get out. I said "Well I'm not going back to sleep any time soon now..." So I got up and went out in the living room. I worked on my Spring Drew-strings purse. I finished all I could without my sewing needle (which was in the bedroom..) Meanwhile, Eon came out from my room and went in his own room, got in his bed and went to sleep. Grrr! (Why couldn't he just do that the night before?...) Well I still couldn't go to sleep. So I got the coffee pot ready for my husband and went in the room and looked at the alarm clock to see when he had it set for... Started the coffee pot. Went back to my crocheting. I worked on my button-up book cover by Turtlelvr I had started a while ago. I am about half way done with that now. Well, I did go back to sleep then got woke up at 8:30 by my phone ringing from Texas?... Then, the kids get up.... "Can you drive me here? Are you going to do this?..." I won't even get into it all.... Drive the 17 year old to the place he wanted to go, (this is about the third time we have taken him here) he still does not fill out the application for this place!!!! Take him to Walmart (even though we were just there last night!! Grr...) Go to the post office, since it was closed yesterday. The line is long, and only one person behind the counter.... Ugh... Then, a family with boxes of candy come in right behind me. They keep putting candy in their mouths in the most annoying way, smacking their mouths, talking while smacking their mouths-- UGH!!!!! Is there even food allowed in the Post Office? Oh my God!! And it was a grown woman, too. Finally, I get home. I make a cup of decaf coffee (don't want to interfere at all with my sleep tonight!!). Sit down to try and relax... Just then, Eon spills a half a can of pop on my Drew-strings purse. (Who said he could drink pop in here, anyway?....) Clean that up, rinse off my purse.... Sheesh!!

I have so many projects going it isn't funny. I wasn't sure if I should make the title of my post "Why Can't I Finish One Project?" or "Apparently today is..." Sigh... I thought I would list them here just for myself/future reference:

~Bear Pillow for Eon (was supposed to be his 'New Bed' gift, but I wanted to sew a pillow for the insert, and since my sewing machine doesn't work, I am putting it off....) I think I am pretty much done with all the crocheting on this, but for the pillow part of it and sewing it together...
~A Baby Snow Dragon also for Eon. This is almost done. Got three 'spikes' to crochet, and the arms and legs to crochet and sew all on to. The rest is all done.
~Central Park Hoodie (sigh....) Sleeves are done. Blocked the back, and one front side. I need to sew the shoulder seams together (and block the other front side, and sleeves...). Then I can move on to the hood, and the front band.
~Lamb Sweater; that I decided I was going to send to my nephew Corbin. If I ever finish it!!! I blocked the front and back, need to sew the shoulder seams and block the sleeves/sew those on. I started the hat, need to finish that too. I hope I can finish it in time for him. He is two. It's a size 4...
~Pressed Flowers Afghan II for my husband. This one I am not super stressed about. I told myself it was going to get done when it got done, when I started it..
~Shalom Cardigan Vest. I need printer ink so I can work on this one whenever I want. I am on the yoke part (I guess?)
~An Afghan with no name, that my husband's Great Aunt sent me a drawing/diagram of one that she is doing and I tried to do what I thought she was doing (turns out I did my own thing LOL Hey, maybe I have my own pattern when I am through?...) It's squares... Don't know when this one will be done, either...
~Barbie furniture for my friends daughter that I promised to send... long story (I sent her a dishcloth & her daughter tried to use it as a Barbie rug in her Barbie doll house. I said "I can make her furniture for her doll house!") Ugh... Big mouth me... Actually, the Barbie doll stuff is almost done, it's her brother's stuff I am stressing about... A G.I. Joe type doll camping set, a sleeping bag (which is easy, I made one for Eon) and a tent. The tent is what I am stressing about.... So, I haven't even started it. Sigh....
~A heart pillow from CrochetMe
~A million other years old projects I don't know if they will EVER be done, ever.... :(

I keep seeing new things at Crochetville or Ravelry and "Oh, I want to crochet a hanger cover, that's so cute!".... "I haven't crocheted/knitted a dishcloth/hotpad in a long time, it's just a quick project..." "OH, look at that cute new bookmark pattern, and I've been wanting to crochet a new bookmark pattern..." "OH MY GOODNESS! Someone crocheted a Strawberry Cow from Farmville!! I HAVE to have that pattern!!" :(

Well, I guess I should be happy... Hubby is making dinner and he brought it to me! Awww.... Hopefully I will get a full night's sleep tonight. Otherwise, I might have some FO's to post here tomorrow. :P

Monday, January 18, 2010

I recently got a bookmark pattern book in a swap, "3 Dozen & One Bookmarks" by Annie's Attic. And, I also joined the 2010 50 Books Challenge at Crochetville. Well, long story short, I have been crocheting bookmarks to send as RAOKs (with old books I don't want but someone else does on the same group...)
I started a new purse (I need another project like I need another hole in my head... sigh...) But, we were going to St. George Utah this weekend and I wanted to bring something that wasn't a huge project, like my afghan that I need tons of scraps for, or my CPH.... Or my Shalom Cardigan Vest (which I don't have the pattern printed out for anyway). So I brought this. :D

This is the said afghan I mentioned just now. A second Pressed Flowers afghan. For us. Sorry the picture is so dark...

Well this is a quickie post just to let you know I'm still here. TTYL Hope you are all well...

Saturday, January 02, 2010

I'm Still Here...

...maybe I need the Bad Blogger Award now. I don't post as much as I used to. With Facebook, Ravelry, Crochetville, and all the other places I post all my stuff it's getting to be a pain to have to post things everywhere. I like Ravelry the best. Just post your picture and a link and your done... Anyway. I have still been crocheting, and knitting, and baking! :P This is a slouchy purse by Drew Emborsky that I recently finished. I want to line it. But it's a funny shape; so I don't know how that will work out... Maybe I'll just line the part underneath the button. It's also kind of small for me. So maybe I will send it to someone. I love how it looks, though.

I did two hat and scarf sets. The Durango Hat, and this scarf. I think I must have been crocheting too tightly on the hat, it seemed kind of snug.
On the second set, I tried to loosen up and it helped a lot. :) They both went to the Pine Ridge reservation. I signed up for a teenage girl (the light blue set went to her), she already wrote me a letter and sent me a bunch of pictures of her and her friends. :P

And, progress on my Central Park Hoodie!... (I know, I don't believe it myself...) The sleeves are done. I have the back blocking (as well as one sleeve of my Lamb Sweater, which is all done except the hat which I am currently knitting.) I will probably finish them both not too far apart. (Maybe...) I still have to sew the shoulder seams of the CPH, then do the hood, and the buttonhole band and the rest of the sewing it up....

Here is a picture of some of the banana stuff I was baking... I also made a double batch of banana bread. I had 25 bananas in my freezer. I only used up less than a third of them, too. I should start making muffins once a week again.
We are supposed to get our truck back this Monday. I have about three million doctor/dentist appointments the coming next two weeks. (Sigh...) I don't know why I scheduled them all together like that. I need to take the 12 year old (soon to be 13!!) to the pediatrician, for his asthma check-up. And a week before that I have to take him to get a chest x-ray. That's two of the appts. Two dentist appts, and a gyno appt (yearly) for me (fun.... NOT). Guess I'm starting out 2010 with a lot of appointments. :P