Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Better Days..

I haven't been having any more days like my last post, anyway... I thought I would post some pictures and a video I made, the last time we went to Bass Pro Shop. The boys love going there. There is a huge aquarium (two actually, one isn't so 'huge', but has a lot of bigger fish); sometimes they have a mermaid in there. (See video below... pictures/video didn't post like I thought they would..) This time there were two guys in there, fixing things. The only thing is, they allow smoking in the casino which is right by the aquarium. I hate that. But, it is peaceful to watch the fish, and the stingrays (you couldn't pay me enough to swim in there with those things-- they must have 'de-stung' them or something...). They have a 'shooting range' where you can shoot all kinds of things. We had planned on going here this day so I brought lots of quarters. :) That's the main reason--besides the aquariums, the boys like going there... besides, we always get candy there, too. :P

It's not the greatest video, and no sound (need a real camera...) But, it's better than nothing. :)

Hope you are all having a good day. :)

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