Saturday, January 02, 2010

I'm Still Here...

...maybe I need the Bad Blogger Award now. I don't post as much as I used to. With Facebook, Ravelry, Crochetville, and all the other places I post all my stuff it's getting to be a pain to have to post things everywhere. I like Ravelry the best. Just post your picture and a link and your done... Anyway. I have still been crocheting, and knitting, and baking! :P This is a slouchy purse by Drew Emborsky that I recently finished. I want to line it. But it's a funny shape; so I don't know how that will work out... Maybe I'll just line the part underneath the button. It's also kind of small for me. So maybe I will send it to someone. I love how it looks, though.

I did two hat and scarf sets. The Durango Hat, and this scarf. I think I must have been crocheting too tightly on the hat, it seemed kind of snug.
On the second set, I tried to loosen up and it helped a lot. :) They both went to the Pine Ridge reservation. I signed up for a teenage girl (the light blue set went to her), she already wrote me a letter and sent me a bunch of pictures of her and her friends. :P

And, progress on my Central Park Hoodie!... (I know, I don't believe it myself...) The sleeves are done. I have the back blocking (as well as one sleeve of my Lamb Sweater, which is all done except the hat which I am currently knitting.) I will probably finish them both not too far apart. (Maybe...) I still have to sew the shoulder seams of the CPH, then do the hood, and the buttonhole band and the rest of the sewing it up....

Here is a picture of some of the banana stuff I was baking... I also made a double batch of banana bread. I had 25 bananas in my freezer. I only used up less than a third of them, too. I should start making muffins once a week again.
We are supposed to get our truck back this Monday. I have about three million doctor/dentist appointments the coming next two weeks. (Sigh...) I don't know why I scheduled them all together like that. I need to take the 12 year old (soon to be 13!!) to the pediatrician, for his asthma check-up. And a week before that I have to take him to get a chest x-ray. That's two of the appts. Two dentist appts, and a gyno appt (yearly) for me (fun.... NOT). Guess I'm starting out 2010 with a lot of appointments. :P


Mimi said...

Hope the doctor appts go well, least you'll have it finished early this year.
My older son went by himself to the dentist (after neglecting to for the past years) Now he got a lot of minor cavities and he wants to get braces too. At least he's going to pay for it himself :p
I love banana bread! But again, too bake anything since I have to do downstairs and use the oven in the main house.
Your slouchy purse looks cute - I like all purses by Drew Emborsky.
I'm really looking forward to see you model your CPH :D

Ghost said...

I have made that hat and love it. great looking when it is finished yours came out perfectly. And I want some of your cuppycakes. At least two please.

Ghost said...

Just checking in on everyone for delurking week and leaving notes.