Saturday, August 07, 2010

Olivia's Sweater

I finished Olivia's sweater! I don't believe it myself. I started it July 12th. Finished it August 5th. That's less than a month. :0 And, in between moving and packing, cleaning, unpacking, cleaning some more... (what a nightmare..)  How come I can't finish any of my other projects this fast? :P   I wanted to get this done before school started, and/or Fall..  (AND, before it didn't fit her anymore!... Which is the story of my life..)   I think it turned out pretty cute.  I'm kinda thinking about making one in my size. :P  

The baby hamsters are getting bigger. And CUTE!!! There were 13 babies. But, sadly 5 died...  :( It was so sad. I felt so awful for them. I tried to feed a couple some milk in a dropper. But it wasn't any help.  There may have been something wrong with them. Plus, 13 babies is too many. Especially for a first litter!  The remaining 8 seem to be doing fine, though. There are two black/tan and white ones (one boy, one girl). (They're SOOOO cute! I want to keep one of those- I think Eli wants to keep one, he's named it Wickett already. :P Like the Ewok from Star Wars..) Two "Rhino Juniors"~ they look like Rhino, the dad-one boy, one girl. We want to keep the boy. I said they are "Rhino Jr. and Rhinette". (Ugh... bad name for the girl.) And four tannish colored, with some white on a couple. A couple have red eyes, like Mia. I'm not going to want to give them away. :(  I want to make sure they will be going to good homes. I guess I can't think about that. We want to keep two of them, but I don't know if that will happen, either. (We already have three~Mia, Oak, and Rhino...)    The kids have been taking the babies out of the cage. (Drives me nuts- I'm afraid they will drop one. They move super fast, and you can barely hold on to them sometimes..)  Oh, the two Rhino Jrs. and black/tan ones look like they are going to be long haired! (I wanted at least one long haired... Yay..)

Well, I can't believe that's all the news since we have moved?...  School starts here pretty soon. We already found out the 7 year olds new teacher this year (yesterday). Yay..  I told Eon who his teacher was going to be. I said "Do you know who that is?" Yup...  Is in the classroom right next to last year's teacher, matter of fact. I asked what does she look like...  :P   I have to find out if we are still in the school attendance area. I think we would be, we are closer now than we were before. But, who knows..  Our 13 year old will be in 8th grade. I can't believe it. He'll be in high school next year!!! And driving in a couple years...  :((((       Let's see, what else? I closed my own finger in my dresser drawer. I scraped the skin off my knuckle, and hurt it farther up. Oh well. I'll be okay....  :P    I've made muffins twice, since we've moved to the new house. Coffee Shop Corn Muffins, and Chocolate Banana Muffins.  :P  I have about 20 bananas in the freezer again. Going to have crank out the muffin machine (aka: Me... making them..:P)  The woman who we are renting the house from, left a few things here. One of those "things" was a muffin pan!!  I was SO happy. (No, it doesn't take much to make me happy... :P) It's only a 6 muffin-muffin pan, but it's enough. I have two "big" jumbo muffin pans, and two or three "mini" muffin pans. But only one "regular" sized muffin pan. So, if I made a double batch, or had more muffin batter than one panful, I had to wait til the muffins were done baking & cooled, wash the pan, do again...  Now, I won't always have to. (Unless I make a double batch.) Yes, I know, I could buy another muffin pan... But, with everything else, it's kinda the last thing on our list, you know?  Anyway. My husband's work schedule also changed since we moved. He's working "Swing Shift".  :(  Which is less crazy of hours, so how come it's messed me up so much?  Well, I think it is "messing him" up, too. He got a cold. :(  Bad one.  Then, he was supposed to work today at 4 in the morning! :0  (He doesn't even get off work until 11 at night. That means he would have to drive home for an hour and 15 minutes, sleep for two hours, turn around and drive back to work..) Fortunately, they changed his work time to 10 am. So he got some sleep last night. Poor guy.  I made him homemade chicken noodle soup last night. He got some Nyquil, Dayquil, and Honey Lemon Cough Drops on his way home from work, too.  Eli said "Why don't you just buy him a can of soup?"  :P  I said "Because it's not the same. Your Dad likes homemade chicken noodle soup".  Plus, he likes huge pieces of carrots, celery, onions, and chicken. I was almost tempted to put whole carrots and celery in there (for a joke). The first thing he said when he took the soup out of the fridge was "Mmm big pieces"...       Anyway. This new work schedule is only for about four weeks. After that, my husband might get laid off. So...  I shouldn't complain about the new schedule.  :/  (Not that I'm complaining, but...)   Well stay tuned. I'll try to get some good pictures of the baby hamsters. They move around so fast, though; it's hard to get a good one.

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Mimi said...

Homemade chicken soup is always good! My grandma's version is the best we've ever had. Her secret is she buys fresh chicken heads and beef bones to make the broth.
The cardigan looks very nice, Tina!