Saturday, August 07, 2010


While I was unpacking a couple boxes the other day, I got the cookie jar out. I saw Eon look inside it for cookies. :P Then a little while later, Eli looked inside... So, today I asked Eon if he wanted to make cookies with me. He said yes. I asked him, "What kind? Peanut butter, oatmeal?"... "What about Snickerdoodles?" "What are sickerdoodles?" :P "The kind with cinnamon & sugar on 'em" "Yeah". So I got a stick of butter out to let it soften. Then when I was going to make them, I said "Do you wanna make cookies now?" "No" ??? :( "Oh, you just want me to make them, so you can eat them?" "Yeah". :/ It's okay. Here's some rolled into balls waiting... :D

Here they are cooling off. One other thing the woman who used to live here left behind, was this cooling rack. I don't know if it's technically a cookie rack. But, it fits a whole pan of cookies and it works for me, so... Now I feel like a "real" baker. ;P

Here they all are in the cookie jar. I had to take a picture so it will last longer. :P Or is it, I had to take a picture because they won't last long?... 
Did I mention I want my "old" blog back? I don't understand how the pictures work for this one. :(  I hope they all turn out in the order I want them posted.. Kind of annoying.   


Vik said...

Nothing compares to the smell of homemade cookies!!

Tina said...

I know! Or homemade bread, too. I shouldn't have made them, though. I keep eating them! Oh well. :P