Friday, August 27, 2010

Good News!

Well first off, this is my sister's cat Oliver with his catnip mouse I knitted him. It looks like he totally destroyed it. Look at his eyes. He's like "What was that stuff? Can I have some more?"  lol  Believe me, this cat does NOT need catnip. He's crazy enough without it. I would have loved to see him with the mouse. But at least my sister sent me this picture. :P 

Back to the title of this post...  I am SOOO happy!! After not knowing what to do, and going back and forth about what should I do?... I got a phone call earlier this week from the principal of our youngest sons school saying I had to come in and fill out some forms?  I don't even remember what for, this time. I asked her, "Well can't I just sign a permit or some form that would allow our son to continue going to your school?" (When we lived in Michigan, and in Colorado, we could..)  She said yes, and that she would approve it. (When I went in later that day, the secretary behind the desk (long story short) said the principal never does that. [Approves a variance form].  Really?  Well she told me to come in and fill one out.) And yesterday being the Ice Cream Social for both schools, and still not knowing which school he was going to go to, I finally just called and asked if anyone knew..  And found out that it is most likely approved. Both principals have signed it, the only person left to sign is the superintendent. And if both principals signed, the chances of the superintendent *not* signing would be extremely rare..  So, we went to his (old) school for the Ice Cream Social. (All the ice cream was melted, it was so hot out, but it was still nice for the kids to get ice cream..)  I went into his old classroom to say hi to his old teacher, and he is still going to be with his teacher from last year. Which makes me even more happy, because I really, really like her!!  YES!!!!  (He will be with another teacher for half the day [or something], too.)  Today we went and got haircuts for them both. And then we went to Walmart. and I got them a couple more things for school. I think we are all set.  ~~Yay!!~~  Now if I can just get up in time for school. I have been trying for two weeks (set my alarm and everything) and I cannot drag myself out of bed in the morning...  Oh well. We'll get used to the new schedule soon enough.     


Mimi said...

That is great news Tina, I'm happy for you and your sons!

Tina said...

Thank you Mimi. :)