Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm Still Here...

This is one of the baby hamsters we kept. One of the "Wickett twins" :P There were two darker babies, with black, tan/red, and white. We kept both of the Wickett twins. Her (her name is Cocoa) and, you guessed it, Wickett (male). There were also the "Rhino twins" (a male and female they both looked like Rhino, the Dad). And the "Mia twins" (even though there were four of them~ Two sets of twins?).  I took all the rest of them up to the pet store here in town (it's more like a "Feed Store"; with some bunnies, hamsters, guinea pigs, real pigs, sometimes kittens (free with purchase of a bag of food), lizards, baby turtles, fish, goats, ducks, chickens, turkeys...  In the back room there's also rats, mice... (I think they are for "Snake food" :( He said they also sell them for pets, too. ) He traded us 6 baby hamsters, for a big bag of bedding.  Let's see: 6 x $15.95 (what he sells them for)= $96 he will be making off of us. We got a $9.99 bag of bedding..  I really, honestly don't care. ;) I didn't want to try and find homes for all those babies!!!  I was thinking he would just take them off our hands. So, it was nice of him to give us a bag of bedding.  And, we are done "breeding" hamsters! 

I guess I can only post one picture per blog post with my new "updated" blog. (Which, have I mentioned, I hate? And I want my "old blog" back?...)  I can't figure anything out. (This is the fifth time I have tried posting this; and had another picture I was trying to put in here, but it just disappeared..)  Sheesh. 

I had to take the two younger boys in to their doctor to get their shots updated. (Sheesh, again!! How many forms do I have to fill out just to get their shots updated?... Are they not patients there?...)  The "new" school informed me that they needed their shot record updated. (Insert rolling eyes smiley here...)  I had to enroll our youngest son in a different school since we moved. Which I don't know if I am happy about or not. There were things I didn't like about the "old" school. But. Now I'm beginning to think the "old" school was the better choice.  I don't think I have a choice, though. In Colorado, or Michigan, if you wanted your child to go to a school that wasn't in your school attendance area, you just had to sign some papers (saying I dont know what..)   The thing is, I homeschooled the kids. (The 7 year old had never been in public school.) Well by April of this year, I had had it. They were soooo lazy!! Sleeping til noon (the 13 year old), getting up around one in the afternoon. Not starting schoolwork until almost 2...  Then, "I did two hours"... "Um, two hours is not enough.."  (I am still going through this with the 18 year old btw, which is a whole other [irritating!!!!] story..)  Anyway.  So, I brought their books they were working on, into the school. Signed some papers saying they were homeschooled and what their grades were. (?)  The 13 year old basically got to skip all of 7th grade.  Well the 7 year old was going to be put into 2nd grade (in the "old" school); and they were going to work with him. Well, apparently, this ("new") school doesn't "honor that arrangement".  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!  So, I don't know what to do. Or what I want to do. (As I may not have a choice?..)  If I could sign some papers and have him go to the old school, maybe he would catch up. Or have him go to the "new" school, and be a year behind.    Inicidentally, I threw the homeschool books away, thinking I no longer needed them now they were in public school, everything was "good"...    Why does everything have to be so complicated, and such a pain?  :/    Thank goodness crocheting/knitting hasn't "upgraded" or changed. Sheesh!... ;)

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Mimi said...

You were able to put several pics in your other posts, so its not likely that you can have only one pic per post. You'll figure out your blog when you get to have more time...probably when the kids are settled in school ;)