Friday, September 11, 2009

Well, I'm still here....

Since I don't have much to blog about, I thought I'd post a picture of an old pair of socks I knit for my husband. (Yeah, my camera works whenever I could care less... But whenever I really *want* it to.... Grrr!!) I knit these a long time ago. Must have been Pre-Digital camera days for me, because I'm pretty sure I don't have a picture of these. Unless it was just so long ago, I forgot?.. He never wears these socks. (I am knitting him a second pair, which I have posted about here a couple posts back.) I hope he'll start wearing them both. He said 'It's never cold enough.' I told him, 'Nice try. I knit you the first pair when we lived in Michigan or Colorado, and you didn't wear them there, either....'
I know I didn't post it here yet, but we are going to be getting rid of our internet soon. For a few different reasons (it's my husband's idea, not mine...): It's a big time waster (especially for me!), and a distraction (especially when I am supposed to be doing homeschooling with the kids right now...); for financial reasons, and other reasons... I will probably have to go up to the library every once in a while to check out all my sites: Ravelry, Crochetville, Crochetmania, and all my blog friends' blog updates :) .... It just won't be the same, but.... Maybe we have gotten too used to it, and need to step back for a while. What did I do in Pre-Internet days? I remember cleaning a lot more, and spending more time with the kids (yikes). So I think this will be a good thing for us right now.
I also forgot to post in my last blog update about all the other animals we saw in my Dad's backyard: Coyote (saw one walk through the backyard like it was nothing--we also saw one somewhere else while we were driving, it was just out in the middle of a field). Deer (I think I posted that), sandhill cranes, and a skunk! It was pretty cute, but it sure did smell! We actually smelled it before we saw it-- that night about 2 am, it sprayed somewhere around the house. My car smelled like skunk for days after. Yuck.... Now that I think about it, I hope I didn't smell like it!... Oh well... No one said anything to me, so I must not have. :P
My Dad is supposed to be coming home from the hospital tomorrow. For a 'trial period'. ??? I guess, to see how he does getting in and out of the house, and around the house, by himself? I KNOW he is not going to want to go back into the hospital, after being home. He has been acting very rudely to the nurses and doctors. I won't go into that, but... I don't know how it will all work out, but... I'm sure I will hear about it this weekend. (Sigh....)
Three weeks ago from Wednesday, my "baby* will be seven years old! :( I told him I am going to stop feeding him so he won't grow anymore. He said 'Mom. I would die.' ;P I said I wouldn't do that, I'm just joking around with you... They grow up so fast. The twelve year olds' voice just got deep like overnight! I don't know if I like that!....
Well I will be around every now and then. I don't know if I will be able to blog much anymore. I guess we'll see. Take care, everyone. :)


Susan said...

Hi Tina!

It's great to from you again... :-) uh oh... no internet? Let me see, what did "I" do before the web... Hmm.. do I RELLY want to think about it? LOL


Mimi said...

Its a bit of sad news not to see you online as much as before, Tina...
As for me, I loved staying and working at home ever since I was young. When there was no internet yet, I got lonely a lot.
Now I don't depend much on the internet for socializing or entertaining - but it keeps me secure that I can connect with my distant family and friends very easily. Also, it is very easy to do research and acquire knowledge here than to dig it from books or magazines.
Take care my friend and hope you keep in touch :)

Tina said...

Thanks Susan and Mimi. I feel like I am being cut off from all of my internet friends, too. I don't think my husband gets that. :( But I will try to keep in touch.