Monday, September 14, 2009

Blog It While You've Got It...

I guess. (The internet, that is...) :P Someone we know asked us over for dinner last night. She had a few crocheted rugs around her house. I asked her if she crocheted them. She said no, her Grandmother did those. Then she asked me if I crocheted. I said yes. Well then she asked me if I might be able to help her with something. I said maybe (I have had people ask me to fix things that were not able to be fixed, before...) Her cat had gotten to this rug and unraveled it. I thought there might be enough yarn to finish it with, but there wasn't. So I used some rug yarn (needleloft) that I had. It wasn't an exact match. But.... here it is, finished. :)

And up close. You can see the difference. I used an H hook and tried to crochet tight as I could, but it still turned out bigger than the original. I think part of that might be that it is worn and used for so many years... Oh well. I called her and told her all this and she is okay with it, she said she just didn't want it to get unraveled and worse. It makes me want to make a rag rug now. (Like I don't have enough projects right now, to finish...) I have wanted to make one forever.... Maybe someday.

Here is another project I recently finished. A 'Snow-Yo Man', from Gardener's Ramblings. :D Isn't he cute? I realized I forgot to put three buttons on the snowman's body. Oh well. He's still cute, to me.

Our six year old ~who will be seven two weeks from Wednesday!! :( said, 'It looks like marshmallows' :P (he loves marshmallows). Well that's all for now.... I hope you are all having a good Monday so far.


Susan said...

Very Nice!!!


Tina said...

Thank you, Susan. I wish I had done the whole rug. :)

Mimi said...

Cute snowman!
Good job fixing up the rug, looks so welcoming, I love the abstract design.

Tina said...

Thanks, Mimi. I think the six year old wants it. But, he wants everything... :P

I loved all her rugs. She had three or four, at least. One was square.