Saturday, September 19, 2009

Guess What? I'm Still Here...

... am I getting on your nerves yet? :P

Yesterday, our 17 year old had all of his wisdom teeth removed. :0 I could not believe how fast they did it!! His appointment was at 10:30 am. We got there at about a half hour early. They called him in at 10:15. He was done in just a little over a half an hour! ALL FOUR. A dentist appointment isn't even that fast. I was shocked. I was all ready to camp out all day; I brought a book to read, the two younger kids brought stuff to do (PSPs).... I hadn't even gotten into my book yet, and they were done. So far, he is doing all right. They gave him a prescription for vicadin :0 but we didn't think we should get it filled. (Is it just 'us' or isn't vicadin pretty strong for a 17 yr old?...) Well anyway I gave him one of my pain pills for my back. It's 'Hydrocone' ? (something like that). It just is basically the same strength (IMO) as two Tylenol. And he's been putting the ice pack on. He couldn't brush his teeth til this morning (ew...) This morning he also swished salt water in his mouth (they told him to do that). I guess by the third day it's the worst (for swelling, bruising,etc....) so we will see.

Here is a WIP I have going. I finally am working on the Earl Grey socks. I was really getting into them, and I just haven't picked them up again, since the day I started them... I actually have been busy and tired, so I really haven't had the motivation to do anything... I shocked myself again when I actually figured out something was wrong with the pattern (without looking at the pattern site online, or checking Ravelry first...)! After all the ribbing, you will work two rows of the cable pattern.... It should be: "Next Row: K1, work pattern, knit 28... work pattern, knit 27" The pattern had 27 and 26, but I don't think she added in the M1's from the previous row. So, I am almost done with one cable pattern section (?), this is when I first got started... I will have to take another picture soon (if my camera will cooperate...)
This is a quickie project I did somewhere in between everything. Someone who is on two message boards I am on (her username is Serena on Crochetmania, and Gran on Crochetville) has been sending me little goodies in the mail every now and then. She had sent me some leaflet (?) patterns a while back, one of them was 'Autumn Leaves'. I just love autumn, and I really miss it. We don't get autumn here at all. So I crocheted one of the leaves... They are fridge magnets but you could probably use them for anything.. appliques, whatever. When I was in Michigan, I bought some variegated yarn at WalMart in Fenton one day that just looked like Fall to me. I never looked at the color, it's Fall! How weird... My brain sometimes semi-works, eh? ;) I made this to send to one of the people I sent things to on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation; I have recently quit Crafting for a Cause-- for a while, anyway... I wanted to send her a little something with the letter telling her about that... I will probably make myself one of these, too. I think they are cute. Thanks Serena/Gran!! *Hugs*


Susan said...

Hi Tina!

How is your son doing? Our son Michael has hios wisdon teeth out whne he was 18. Right before he went to college. Whatever the Dr. had given him for pain at the office really had him out of it... He didn't need to take much more. And yes, Vicadin is strong. BUt it's proabbly low dosage. Just read it..:-) or call the pharmacy. They could tell you.

I LOVE hat leaf you made... The colors are brautiful!!! what yarn is used? And the color of the yarns.


Tina said...

Thanks, Susan. They just gave him Nitrous (laughing gas), and a local. He was a little loopy when he got done, but okay. He didn't even need the Vicadin at all. He hasn't bruised, no swelling... He's lucky. Oh to be young again...

The yarn I used for the leaf is 'Fall', it's just Red Heart. I got it at WalMart.

Mimi said...

Hi Tina, glad your son is doing fine now! Its funny, when you're so prepared to wait - and they're done in jiffy ;)
That's a pretty autumn leaf!

Susan said...

Thanks! ( E-mail is )

Glad your son is fine...:-)

~ Susan