Monday, May 08, 2006

This weekend we did a lot of tourist-y things. We are still exploring our new home. (Even though it was my husbands' home for a while when he was young.) Here is a waterfall.
And a little stone bridge. I just love these. There were a couple of them.

Here's a doily I made a looooong time ago. I think this was the first big doily I ever made. You can see that it's dirty. I need to wash it and re-block it. But I don't think I ever did take a picture of this doily. If I did, it wasn't with my digital camera. I'm working on another big doily now. It might end up being bigger than this one. (If I ever finish it, that is...) :p

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Mimi said...

Very nice place you have there, Tina!