Friday, April 14, 2006

My Reveal Package Came This Morning!!! :)

Inside it was this beautiful!!! tote messenger bag that my secret pal (who is now revealed- it is Claire!) crocheted. It is a work of art. This picture does not do this bag justice AT all. I hate my camera. It's acting tempermental again. I think it is just a piece of junk. Anyway, there is so much detail on this purse. It is the Bobbling-Along Tote from someone, somewhere in Crochetville. I remember printing the pattern out, a while ago. I have just never gotten around to actually making one. Thank you so much, Claire. It is a beautiful tote. And, inside it was all these goodies!:
A Necco 'Skybar'. I have never had one of these. I don't think I've ever even seen one of these. It was delicious. And, an Almond Joy bar. Boston Baked Beans (I love these!) And Lindt Lindor Truffles!! YUUMMY! Claire also sent a roll of Necco wafers, which the three year old immediately picked up and said, 'These are mine'. I had to take them away after a couple, though. (He hadn't even eaten any breakfast yet..) :) A box of Moroccan Pomegranate Red by Celestial Seasonings!! I have been wanting to try this tea for a long time, but always keep buying the same old tea that I *know* I like. (I also order the same food at the restaurant every time, too. In case you were wondering.) Well I have to break out and try something different don't I? Thank you for helping me to do this. ;p It smells delicious. I am going to make a cup later and sit on the deck and read the 'Yankee' magazine with my tea.
Claire must have read my wish list at Crochetville, because a lot of the things she sent were on my wish list. ;) Like these candy molds! I have never tried making truffles, but Wilton makes it easy. And I love the popsicle molds. Those are my favorite. I think I better go edit my wish list, I think now I have more than enough candy molds. :)
And, last but not least, a skein of Lion 'Baby Soft' yarn. Once again, my camera has messed up. This is not the color of this yarn. It is actually 'Bubble Gum'. Like a hot pink. Just yesterday I almost bought this, for a Hello Kitty doll I am making. But decided to go with the soft pink. Then, you know how it goes, 'Maybe I should have bought the other one...' Well now I have both colors. Even if I don't use it for the Hello Kitty doll, I can use it for something! Thank you so much for everything and for all the hard work you put into the beautiful tote bag. Everything you have sent had a lot of thought put into it, and I love it all. Thank you, Claire! :)


Mimi said...

Wonderful goodies, Tina! And the bag,is great, though I cant see the details of it. I'll take your word for it, its a beautiful bag!

Tina said...

So are all of your bags Mimi! I was just looking at the 'Matrix' bag this morning, wondering what could I wear to go with this bag? :p

Lulu said...

what nice things you got..
i love that color, looks purple to me..i love purple...
Happy Easter..