Sunday, April 23, 2006

Moved Again

Well we are all moved in to our new place. I feel almost human again. I'm so glad to be out of that house. Now all I have to do is clean and be out of there before she gets back on Monday. All I have to do is clean our bathroom and wipe up the kitchen sink and clean out the freezer. I don't know why I should bother, it isn't like it was clean when we moved in, and it isn't like SHE is going to clean it when she moves out. But, maybe it's because I'm the only decent person here. We'll drive up and give our keys to the landlord, and whatever she does (not pay rent) is her problem. She hasn't paid her part of the rent for two months. Plus the first month she said she would 'catch up on over the months'... Now she says she is going to catch up with him (the landlord) when she gets back. If she doesn't have the money to send in a check now how would she be able to 'catch up'? The whole time she was gone, (three months or so) we got calls from some company. I finally said 'What is this for?' 'It's for the Mazda MPV payment' She hadn't paid it in who knows how long... She doesn't pay her rent, she doesn't pay any bills (we also paid her 'overdue' water bill and electric bill from before we even got here...) but she can go travel to Michigan and Texas and do what she wants. And don't get me started on her lies.... Well, anyway... so I am glad to be out of that house, and in our own house. And I am not giving her our phone number. We also got a few new things. A coffee pot. (We had to, I broke ours trying to carry it out, it slipped out of the coffee maker and broke...) The new one is nice, it's a thermal one that keeps your coffee hot without burning it. Then we had to get a new microwave. We got the cheapest one at WalMart. It is ugly, but it works. And, a new tv. That is another thing... Our 'old' tv was fine when we moved there. From three months of living there, the old wiring ruined our tv. Good thing we didn't buy a new microwave and plug it in there. Her old microwave is junk anyway, we just used that. And, we had to buy a shower curtain. We didn't even have one. Except the cobalt blue and yellow one from the kids' old bathroom. Which doesn't 'go' with sage green and burgundy towels... Then I got a new soapdish and toothbrush holder to go with the new shower curtain. And a $1 picture with a $1.97 frame. Woo Hoo. Well that's about it. Oh, and we have highspeed internet now, too. (That's the best thing.) ;p

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