Monday, April 17, 2006

I'm Going To Be An Aunt (Again)

I just found out this morning that my brother and his wife are expecting their second child. The first thing out of my mouth was not, 'Oh how exciting!', or, 'Oh how nice!'.... the first thing out of my mouth was, 'They can't even handle the one they have now!' She is a little monster. I don't mean that in a 'cute' way, either. She's horrible. And, it isn't her fault. It's theirs. But... it is their lives. The first time she hits or scratches that baby I wonder what will happen. Maybe they will get control of her now. But, I highly doubt it. At least they don't live by me, and won't be asking me to babysit all the time. I know, 'how negative I am'... I don't think I am being negative, I am just being realistic. If you saw how this little girl acts, and how her mother does NOTHING about it. 'Oh she does that' (hit her grandmother, kick her grandmother...) Or watch her pull her mother's hair and the mother says 'I love you..' ???? I don't get it. I would not be hugging my child and saying 'I love you' if the child just pulled my hair. I would be disciplining the child, for wrong behavior. So, you can see I'm not exactly thrilled with the news. Maybe I should report them to Dr. Phil. Or the Nanny. Well I guess that's all I have to say about that... I'm not exactly thrilled with things I"m crocheting , either... I have been crocheting toys for the toy swap. I guess I'm just disgusted with the toy I am working on. I don't 'get' it, and I think I am stressing myself out with everything. (How many more toys I have to do, moving, going on vacation, or not going on vacation, I should say...) Speaking of stressing myself out, I have to go make dinner. So I should get busy... Talk to you soon~~


Lucy said...

I vote for the Nanny!!

Lynn / vigilant20 said...

I wouldn't feel bad thinking like that. It's true!

Mimi said...

You cant help them, Tina, if they didnt ask for help and advice, anyway. Sadly, it is their lives, but I know you care that's why you're bothered.
Hey, I'm wondering why you keep joining swaps...maybe you like to be motivated. But you said you didnt like what you're crocheting?...Well, that's why I dont give in to swaps, one day I want to make this and another day I want something else :p

Tina said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Wow. I think they really do need Dr. Phil or something. Oh well. Mostly it is just the mother. My brother does discipline her.

I don't know why I join more swaps, Mimi. I think maybe that is one reason why I am so frustrated? Because I wish I never joined, and now I have three toys to crochet! And of course, I chose a hard pattern to do. I am actually pretty far on it. I just crocheted for three hours the other day working on it. I am on the head. :p Well I guess I know not to make this toy any more. Or join any more swaps!! :p Thanks for visiting every one!