Friday, November 27, 2015

Scrap Blankets and a Sweater...

I don't know if I ever posted a picture of this sweater in progress. I know I did on Ravelry. I almost cut it up and threw it away. It's from the Surprise Crochet Sweaters book by Darla Sims/Leisure Arts. I wanted to make it a newborn size for the OB Unit. And the smallest size pattern is six months. So I tried chaining less, etc..  It looked all crooked and like it wouldn't even lay right.  And didn't seem like it would even meet in the middle to button up..  (That's why I wanted to throw it away.)  I put it away for a while. But then I noticed the sweater column was still low on the spreadsheet. So...   I got it out to try and work on again.   I ripped out the buttonhole row, and added a few rows THEN did a buttonhole row. I also added more rows on the other side, so it would meet up in the middle.  Then added to the sleeves (I did the picot edge sweater sleeves up to row 4.)    I didn't have much of the coral color at all left. So I just did one more row on the sleeves...      I guess I'm glad I didn't cut it up and throw it away.  I also soaked it in a vinegar wash I read about online to soften crappy acrylic yarn projects...   (I just fill the sink up and put some vinegar in..)  I had some brown buttons so that's what I used.    I was making this to go with the Turkey hat/sleep sack set.  But... obviously it didn't get sent with it.   And, I don't think it will be sent this month at all either.  Even though that's why I got it out to try and finish. We just don't have the money..

I also started this a couple days ago to send too. (The blanket column is also low..)  But will not be able to send. I just need more of the dark brown, to finish the last section of color. Then I was going to do the border in navy blue since I have a lot left of that..  In the picture the first warm brown colored section looks lighter than the section on the top. But they are the same color.  My camera...

I also started another scrap blanket, this morning. Sings4Joy on Ravelry posted one she had been making, and how she did/is doing the strips. So I started one, too.    I have a plastic bag full of scraps somewhere. I just need to find it..  I think it is in my closet.     You can see exactly how much of the coral color I had left, here. Exactly enough for one row.  :P    I don't know why but I love scrap projects. Probably because you can make something useful out of "nothing".. something that would just have been thrown away.

Jetta likes to get all covered up.  :P  I took this picture about a half an hour ago, and she is still there. Silly girl..  

Duke likes attention...  And lots of petting, and scrap foods...  Any scrap foods you can spare..  :P  


paula said...

I used all of the scraps I had to make nets for Wildlife Rescue Nests. I found them on Facebook. The group is out of Ontario Canada.

They have different size of "nests," "caves" and "hanging baskets." Then you find a group from the list they have (places all over Canada, the US, Europe and now Australia.

I have made and sent four groups . . one each to Florida, Indiana and Kentucky and I think the one I mailed Wednesday goes to Alabama.

I have seen some of the nests being used and one of the "caves" was the home for a group of mice siblings.

The rehabilitators are so thrilled to get them. They say they are perfect for the animals to curl up in . . just like a natural nest.

You might look into this for your scraps. The scrap ones I made were just adorable.

Tina said...

I used to make things for the animal shelter where I lived, and was in a group I think I sent a few kitty blankets to. But, I was in so many groups; and just don't have money to send things to all of them. So now I am just in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation group.:)