Wednesday, November 04, 2015

More Catching Up...

I don't think I will ever catch up on my blog..  But I will try.  :P  This is a Mitered Squares Blanket I have been working on. For Pine Ridge Reservation (OB Unit).  Just using up scrap yarns..

I saw some cool Green Lantern fabric at a local store here. So I had to get it. Then I noticed there was another piece (both pre-cut pieces), so I got both of them to make pillowcases for the boys for Christmas.   Then got home and realized "Oh yeah, I don't have my ironing board- we donated it before we moved here.. " (Sigh..)  I will have to use a towel on the counter or floor, or something.. Both pieces were $4 something.So not bad at all.

Silly dog...   :P

I should have posted the actual picture of the hat from Target, but... I saw the cutest Turkey hat at Target. I took a picture of it and finally copied it.  Then I made a sleep sack to go with it. You can see the actual hat, and how I did the turkey feathers; on my Ravelry project page.  I've actually since I've taken this picture finished a pair of booties and mittens, and started a little sweater to go with this set..

Sigh... It's true. And I did this today.  I was thinking about getting a "Get Well" card for someone. Then I thought "I should just make one, it would be cheaper.. Save $4 or $5.."  Then-of course- the one I saw that I loved on Pinterest, I didn't have all the tools for... Sooo... I went and spent almost $20. When I was going to "save" money by making my own card. (Sigh...)   

All to make this card.  :)  I didn't have any tape left in my tape runner. I didn't have a get well stamp. And, I didn't have a heart punch..   I did only spend $4.99 on the tape runner- I got the absolute cheapest one (they were like $8!!!). The heart punch was $4.99-- one was $17.99.  Uh, nooo!..  Then I found the cheaper one.  And, the stamp was $7.99.  After I make a few more of these cards, I will have saved money. :P  This was the actual Pin.   

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paula said...

Hd to laugh at your no ironing board.

A neighbor asked me to crochet an edging a piece of material for her sil's wedding. I made it, washed and dried it and was going to starch and iron it so it was crisp, then realized I couldn't find my iron. Hopefully, I packed it away and it i in indiana . . safe and sound.