Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Birthdays... And Christmas.

I finished a hat and scarf set for my sister-in-law, for her birthday (obviously.. Lol).  I don't really know what she likes, other than Betty Boop, and the color purple.  So, purple it is..  :P

I used the Phannie hat pattern, and the One Skein scarf pattern.  Her birthday is next week. Today is actually her husbands' (my husband's brothers) birthday.  I didn't crochet him anything (I started this set a long time ago, I didn't even know his birthday was this month..)  So, we are going to go get him something then go over there, later  on tonight.

I started crocheting a Christmas Tree yesterday.  I'm using this pattern: Crochet Christmas Tree.  I've just been wanting to crochet a Christmas tree forever. Then someone posted one they had done, on Facebook. So... I started one, finally.
I was thinking about giving it to Eon, because he used to have a little Christmas tree in his room. But we moved; and it was one of the things that got sold in one of the many moving sales we had..    And even though he is a teenager (and acts like one!!!); he still does little kid things that are cute.  Like the other day, we went to Burger King. We were in line, and I said "Do you want a BK crown?" (the little kiddie crowns).  Oh my God. How could I even ask something so stupid? Eyes rolling into the back of his head...   But then later we were eating at a table and he was messing around with the crown on the table (each table had one).  He said "These look like Viking horns." And popped them out.  Then later we are getting ready to leave and he says, "I should probably take this with me since I popped the horns out.."   Yeah...   sure...   :P  I didn't say a word. But I thought it was cute.   But then, this morning, he was his ornery grumpy attitude self!!  UGH!!!  We were getting into the car to take him to school. He opened his door and it hit the pole in our parking spot.  (Ugh...)  I said, when I got in the car; "Can you please be more careful and not hit your door on the pole? It's going to dent the car.."    OH. MY. GOD.   WW3....   (sigh...)   :(    

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paula said...

I've made the Phannie Hat and it work up so well. Your SIL sound like my cousing, when she was younger. If it was purple, it was a go. When she got married one of the 1st things she told the three of us who were standing up with her was, "Don't worry . . . no purple. You three can pick out whatever you want."

Smart move, we had a tall and thin, short and petite and middle and round (me) :)