Saturday, May 02, 2015

I have had some things to post about, I was just waiting for the recipient to receive them. :D   I have been getting into knitting dishcloths lately again. I don't know why. Probably cuz I need a mindless project that is relaxing...   So I knitted my favorite dishcloth, the Idiot's Dishcloth.  In purple variegated, because the person I was sending it to commented purples were her favorite color on Ravelry.  I didn't think I would have enough to finish this, but I did with a little left over.  This is also my favorite dishcloth to wash dishes with. I don't know why.
I noticed Duke laying under the table so I had to take a picture. :P

This is a KAL dishcloth, it's the Scrap Buster dishcloth.

I printed out a favorite poem of mine, and laminated it. I wrapped it up with the dishcloths.  When I used to clean houses, one of my clients had this poem in their kitchen. I loved it.  I have one in my kitchen now, too. Since I am not artistic (and I wanted to send this out yesterday), I printed one out I found online.  

I also made her a bee-lated birthday card.  I have been (for some reason) wanting to do lettering. Like I need another hobby. But, this would go with card making (especially if you don't have a stamp with a sentiment you want to say, or one that goes with a design you have in mind..)  This lettering is from one of my card making magazines. And it shows you how to do the flowering too (that is as artistic as I get, lol).  I was really racking my brain to try and come up with a purple card that would go with a bee.   After googling, I found a couple and ended up with this...

I also lettered the envelope for a card I was sending another pen pal.

I sent her this Four Corners Dishcloth, and a few Earl Grey tea bags. I bought them for the Write-A-Friend swap; and since I do not like Earl Grey I then had a whole box of it...    I am going to send the original person I bought it for, the rest of it. I just didn't want to send a whole box instead of a bubble mailer. So...   Otherwise I would have just sent the whole box..

Yesterday I got a letter back from the person I sent the birthday goodies to (with the Dirty  Dishes Poem); she sent me this bookmark. :D  I'm going to laminate it, and use it in my new book I got from the library.  

And, I finished Eli's afghan last night. Yay...   :)   Nothing big, just a blankie.   I still have some ends to weave in.

I was wondering if anyone wanted to clean my house for me?....   (Sigh...)  I feel like all I do is clean, but it's never clean!! Arrrrgggh!!  I am getting stressed about the graduation party.  I also have to cook.  Thank goodness it's just my family, or I would probably not be able to take it.  I am not an entertainer.  (Sigh..)

Two weeks from today, my baby Eli is graduating...   :)

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