Friday, April 24, 2015

Graduation Preparations..

Besides cleaning to get the house ready for the party (cupboards, windows, walls, doors, baseboards, ceiling fans.. besides all the regular cleaning), I have been crocheting an afghan for Eli for a graduation gift.  It's almost done. I'm going to crochet until that skein runs out, then do an outside border of dark khaki green. I'm also almost done with a photo album of "Eli's Life".  :)  I didn't have all our pictures with us (they were in storage), so once we got all our stuff back, I could work on that some more, too.  :)  

I saw some things at Walmart for 2015 graduates and had to buy some!  I was wanting to get some 2015 streamers (that hang down from the ceiling), so I was super excited to see they had some at Walmart.  And the plates and napkins, and the banner.  

 I still cannot believe he is going to be graduating. Three weeks from tomorrow. I am freaking out here!!!...    :o
...A sneak peek at the graduate. :D   He got his cap and gown, a couple weeks ago and tried them on himself. And, he actually smiled!!  He *had* to tone it down for a picture (sigh...), but..   Doesn't he look handsome?   


Mimi said...

Aww...congrats to the graduate and to your family, Tina!
That's a wonderful afghan ;)

paula said...

He looks adorable . . brings back memories of high school grduation and how awesome it was.

rinebird said...

He really looks great, Tina. Love the afghan too. Handsome son.