Saturday, May 23, 2015

Graduation Day

Graduation Day finally came; on May 16th. A week ago today, my baby graduated. :D  

Here he is with his diploma. :)  I am so proud of him!!

Family picture outside. What? Eli is actually smiling? My brother said, "Say 'Money"". That got a smile out of him.

A picture with my Mom and stepdad. It was chilly, so that's why my Mom and I look a little strange...  (Like we're cold.) :P

All the graduates. There 577 seniors graduating, if I remember correctly.


I only had my family who lives here over, for a small party.  I asked Eli if he had any new friends here he would like to inivite. "No."    :(

An extra table. Which we did use...

My cake. O.o    My cake decorating skills are seriously non-existant. Thank goodness I had enough leftover letters from birthday cakes...    I did buy that cake container.  It also has an insert for cupcakes, and mini-cupcakes.

Chocolate chip cookies I made, and "Diploma" Cookies I decorated. I saw those on Pinterest. 

Eli cutting his cake.  For some reason I felt like I was at a wedding for a second there... :P

Duke LOVED the cousins!! He especially loved Gavin and (poor Gavin) would not stop jumping on him and giving him kisses.  :P  I thought it was adorable. But I knew it was starting to bother Gavin. So I made Duke get down.  Here he is trying to get Gavin's ear. (He has a thing with ears/kisses.)

Here he is trying to get Summer, too. :P


Eli said "I don't need another blanket."   :(    I told him later, "Do you know why I made you this blanket?" (Shakes his head no..)  "Well, someday you will have a place of your own. With a couch. Where you want to take a nap. And you're going to want a blanket to take a nap with...."  :P  Then he smiled, and said "Thank you."  


paula said...

Congratulations Eli!

Tell him he is a cutie when he smiles :)

Our Indy LOVES kissing and licking Gene's ears :)

Tina said...

Thanks Paula I will tell him. Funny how some dogs like ears. :P Duke licks Jetta's ears all the time, too.

Mimi said...

Congratulations to Eli, and to his loving parents!