Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"Snow" Week?

The kids had a three day weekend (Presidents Day). But then this happened. So it became a four day weekend.  I was kind of in agreement with them, for once.  Ice was all over everything. 

My husband didn't go to work that day.  He went out and started the vehicles, though. Just so they would de-ice...


All our skylights looked like frosted glass...  Sheets of ice.

Ice on the trees..

It was pretty thick, and it kept raining.

Then it snowed....   We only got about an inch, maybe.    But with all the ice and snow, our power went out.  Thank god it came back on early this morning.   Now school has been closed all week.  It is supposed to snow more, and get really really cold.  

I wore my thick fuzzy pajama pants, that I usually sweat to death in, last night. And, a pair of slippers I finished yesterday, using some of the leftover yarn from my poncho.  Guess what? I still sweated to death. Even without heat/power.  

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paula said...

LOLOL . . .when our power was out for three days in Oct of 2006 I went to bed ready for a Nordic winter . . ended up taking the outer layer off :)