Thursday, February 05, 2015

I saw this on facebook. I didn't think I would ever try it, because of the vinegar. But.... this morning I woke up, and felt like I am getting my husbands' cold. My throat wasn't "sore", but felt swollen and on the verge (okay maybe a little sore).  So I tried this.  I couldn't taste the vinegar at all. I could smell it. But, if you think of it as a hot toddy, or medicine you have to take... It's not bad at all.  And if you don't have health insurance/can't go to the doctor/can't miss work/ or have a meeting at your son's school tonight, and a hundred things to do today...   It helps!  :)   (Unless, of course; you think it's strep throat or something serious! Then you should probably go to the doctor..) I'm going to see if my husband wants one tonight. 

I've been knitting a baby blanket for my cousins' daughter. She is due in four days. (Sigh....)  But, I did just get the invitation a few weeks ago.   I was going to just buy a gift card.  But...   I decided to start a blanket.  It is over 32 inches long now. So, a couple days of power knitting, and it will be finished.  :P   I am making a card, too. Like this one - second picture (similar, anyway). But in blues... since it's a boy.  Oh- I'm using the Newborn Baby Blanket pattern. But, I cast on 126. Because I want a blanket that is bigger than 21 inches wide.  The baby's room is in charcoal grey and a sky blue/light turqoise.  (That is why I made the blanket grey..)  A little (scary) side note: She is only about a year older than our oldest son, Evan.  :0

I haven't crocheted any in a long time, but... Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, I thought I would share my Ami Love Bug pattern, today.   You can see all the ones I have made (that I remembered to take pictures of) on Ravelry. I kind of feel like crocheting another one. But, I have too much to do/finish. Plus I have an order to fill (a baby hat).  

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Mimi said...

We drink a similar homemade remedy for coughs and colds. It does work most of the time :)
The knitted baby blanket is looking good, and comfy...I haven't crocheted anything in while too...