Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cowl Neck Poncho

I forgot to post this yesterday. I finished it the day before Valentine's Day. I bought the yarn with money my husband gave me for my birthday since he "didn't know what I wanted"...    I wasn't sure if I would even like it. But, I love it!! :D

It is so warm, too.  

This is the yarn I used. I bought four more skeins than this. I only used seven (even though the pattern says you only need five). And I didn't use much of the seventh skein...  Now I have almost three skeins left. Hmmm.... What to make?  I want to make another poncho.  I bought the #25 issue of Simply Crochet to make the Cowl Neck Poncho in there. But I need to get yarn for it.

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paula said...

That poncho looks like it will be warm . . love the cowl neck.