Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Mint Green Baby Set

This is a set I finished for the OB Unit for July.  Its Sue's No-Holes Hexagon Sweater, SLK Baby Hat, and SLK Booties. I'm also working on another Caterpillar Cocoon. 

I bought the yarn at Big Lots. I haven't been able to find a mint green baby yarn color that I like. But when my husband and I went to Big Lots one day, I saw some yarn there and I got a skein of the green.  Then I went back and got two more. :D  I was digging through my patterns to try and find a baby sweater like the ones I used to make. I don't have the pattern anymore. I'm pretty sure it was by Leisure Arts.  There were two patterns, Strawberry Lace and a boy pattern (I can't remember the name..)  Anyway, I found one- this one, that I made. It's no longer available, and I don't think I will make it again, either. :/  The two front edges do not even meet.  The pattern had two ties to "connect it". But I don't like to use ties for baby things. (Choking hazard.)   Anyway. I think I will still send this to Tia for her baby. I am crocheting a little hat and will have to find a bootie pattern that might go with it.   Funny thing, this sweater uses the same pattern stitch as Tia's baby blanket. I didn't realize it til I was almost done with the sweater. I didn't really look through the pattern before I started it. So I thought that was a weird coincidence.   Anyway, I tried the wayback machine, but maybe someone else might have better luck with it; if you want the sweater pattern, the url is: http://members.aol.com/fourleafc11064/page11.html

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