Monday, June 07, 2010

Tomato Plants & a Baby Bunny

Here is the picture of the tomato that we have growing on (one of) our plant(s). We planted them in those big Home Depot buckets. Still, something must be getting into them. Two of the tomato plants are completely missing, and the one is broke in half. So now we only have this bucket shown, and two plants in two of the other buckets. :/ We think it was rabbits.. There was a bag of mulch by one of the buckets. They probably crawled up that way, and got into the buckets. I feel like I'm spelling tomato wrong. Is there only an e on it if you say 'tomatoes'?... Anyway~~

Speaking of rabbits, guess what our 13 year old caught the other day?... A baby bunny. It went behind this board (it's shady over there, all the critters go behind there, the ground squirrels, lizards...) In fact, there was a lizard there when we were trying to get the rabbit. It was easy to catch, we just blocked off both ends so he could pick it up.
Poor thing was scared to death. He said "It's heart is pounding". I told our son, "He (or she?) will scratch you, he has claws." (And look at those feet!! He's got his hand on half of the legs!) He kicked pretty hard, too. Our son has held bunnies before, though; so he knew what to do.. It was just the mother in me, had to say that.. :P

One of his legs had blood on it (you can kind of see it in the next picture) :( Poor thing. He ran off pretty fast when my husband put him down, though. So maybe he wasn't injured too bad.

Our 13 year old went through a phase (before the hamsters) where he wanted a baby bunny SOOOO bad. The place we got the hamsters at has bunnies, and they breed them. The babies are SOOOO cute! (That's where they held the babies at..) Their Dad said "NO BUNNIES" :( So, I was pretty surprised when he caught this bunny, he didn't say, "Can I keep it?" (..I think the 7 year old said it.) Anyway~~
I don't have pictures, but I have made some progress on my Forest Flower Pullover. I finished the sleeves, sewed the side seams of the sweater up. And yesterday I tried making the first motif. (Sigh....) I don't know what I did wrong, or if it is the pattern. (I don't think this pattern is written very well at all.) First off, they say to use worsted weight yarn to get gauge-- you have to crochet with a super small hook, and it felt like cardboard to get the right gauge. So I tried using a smaller weight yarn and that worked. But I still had to rip out two rows of work to make it fit me right. (And I usually wear a medium, but for this I guess I am making the small--and I still am hoping it won't be too big..). Plus, I only did 60 of the scs to begin the body of the sweater. Otherwise, it would have been a mini skirt! Then when I did the sleeves, I had to make the smallest sleeve, too. Otherwise it would have been to my elbows. ?? I don't get the whole pattern... But, I will keep trying. I really like the sweater. I think I got an email with a video on something on this sweater. Now I will have to go through all of them and try to find it. (Sigh...)
It feels sooo nice to sleep in now that school is out! I don't think I was getting enough sleep the whole time they were in school. Now I feel like I can relax, finally. Our 7 year old got sick the day after school was out. :( (AGAIN!!) Poor kid has been sick ever since I put him in school! I hope it was just that he hadn't ever been to school, and you know how germs go around schools... (Grrr!!!) I can't believe our 13 year old will be starting his last year of middle school next year. I feel so old... :(


Mimi said...

A bunny or squirrel is a nice surprise ;) Though you said there could be snakes out there too...yikes! Better find out what you can do now to prevent them unwanted creatures from lurking near your home.
I hope you get to grow your tomatoes, its so nice to look at them at the plant ready for picking...I don't have the patience though to take care of plants (...or pets)

Tina said...

Well, it is too hot right now for the kids to go outside and play anyway. But, I have stopped filling the bird feeders and haven't seen any ground squirrels around since. I hope that will help. Someone told us there are Mojave Green snakes here and that makes me worry even more..
I hope our tomatoes do well, too. :)