Friday, June 04, 2010

Summer is Here..

Not that I am happy about the heat... :( It was 102 where my husband works, yesterday. I am not quite sure what it was here but it was HOT. This morning I looked at the forecast for the next few days here and it is going to be a high of 105 one of the days. :( 102, and 104 the other days... Ugh.. Anyway, the kids last day of school was yesterday so to me, it's officially summer now. (That, and the heat has fully kicked in now..)

Well, onto my projects!! I finally have pictures.. :) This is Mimi's 8 Petal Flower Pendant. Mimi gifted me her pattern~ and I love it! Thank you so much, Mimi! :D I have actually made one more, and am halfway done with a third one (with lots more color combinations in mind, too.) I just haven't taken any pictures of them yet.. Thank you, Mimi. :D

Here is a knitted dishcloth I actually just finished this moring. (How quick am I to blog about it this time?.. :P) It's the Tweedish Cloth. It's actually the second one I made from this pattern.
I made it to go along with the Retro Ribbed Hand Towel I already had finished. (Actually that is the Retro Rib Hand Towel, spelled that wrong, sorry..) I think that it makes a cute set. Someone on the Dishcloth Weekly Knitalong Group I am in on Ravelry, said they were making a set out of those two patterns. I thought it sounded like a good idea. So it isn't MY idea... :P But they do make a nice set. Don't you think? :)
This is the first Tweedish Cloth I finished. I am now making a Retro Rib Hand Towel to go along with it. In orange and w/ a green stripe. My hands are hurting from knitting so much, though; so it might take a while.. :( I used orange and "lemon/lime" for this cloth.

I was going to post a picture of our little tomato we have on one of our tomato plants. I haven't downloaded it to my computer yet, though. It's so cute. I'm so happy it is getting tomatoes! I hope they turn out. I kept forgetting to water them for a while there. Thankfully it was a cold spell, then. It was really unseasonably cool here for a while. (I was beginning to hope it wouldn't actually get hot this year... ha!!...) They said on the news it hasn't been that cold (this time of year) since 1968. :0 That's before I was even born. :P Anyway~~ Now I have to remember to water them every day (twice a day, sometimes). We have also been having some ground squirrels up by our house lately. I got a new kind of bird seed to attract "colorful birds". (And some!) There were Quails out there, and the ground squirrels. Apparently they love this seed, too. I saw one ON my bird feeder this morning! They keep coming under our porch. (It's shady..) Plus my husband had put a muffler from ?? I don't know where, under there. Well the squirrels were living in it!! I told my husband, and he took it out from under the porch; so no snakes start coming up by the house, too. Trying to eat the ground squirrels. Ugh... Well they are still trying to live in there. I was moving it around today when I was out watering the tomatoes, and after a minute, a ground squirrel came flying out of there. I guess I am not going to feed the birds here anymore. The kids play out there, and I don't want them getting bit by a snake or anything. It's bad enough the 13 year old is trying to catch a ground squirrel. (Sigh... Boys!! :P)


Mimi said...

I'm glad you liked the necklace, Tina! Love your pic, and thanks for sharing ;)

I bet you knit very fast - those cloths turned out so fine too!

I think your boys are lucky enough to experience nature sons are into so much computer or TV stuff and really missed a lot of outdoor fun while growing up.

Tina said...

I know, I'm glad they like going outside to play more. They are into computer games and the Wii, too. I would much rather they go outside and play. I just worry about snakes out here (we live in the middle of the desert, where we are..)

Thank you again for the beautiful necklace pattern. I'm trying to get some more pictures of the other necklaces, too. (I need to finish the one, first..) :)