Friday, June 18, 2010

Long Blog Post... :P

Look at what I got in the mail, all the way from the Philippines!!! :D Mimi's own Shapely Tunic pattern. And, she sent me a gorgeous beaded (you can't see the beads very well in the picture) flower. I am still trying to decide what to sew it onto. Thank you so much, Mimi. :) Mimi's Tunic pattern is also available for sale at her Ravelry Store: Shapely Tunic by Mimi Alelis. And, at her Etsy Store, if you don't have a Ravelry account. mimicrochet's Shapely Tunic You can also see Clairethere's version of the Shapely Tunic (on Ravelry). So cute in all colors. :)

Here are two more of Mimi's 8-Petal Flower Pendant necklaces. (Ravelry Store link. ;P)

By the way, Mimi just had her first magazine pattern submission, in Interweave Crochet!! I am SO happy, and excited for her! Congratulations (again :P), Mimi!!

This is a project I just recently started. A knitted Steering Wheel Cover for our oldest son's first car. I shoulda posted a picture of his car. Oh well. Maybe next time. It's nothing fancy. A 1990 Buick Century in dire need of a new paint job. But. It's a first car. :P He said the steering wheel is gross. I got to thinking, "I bet there HAS to be a pattern for a steering wheel cover on Ravelry"... :P Yup, there is. The one I liked best is the Simple Steering Wheel Cover. He wanted it "Black and grey". ?? I had some black/grey/white variegated in my stash (I need to buy one more ball now). So that's where it is now.. If it turns out he doesn't like it, he can always buy one. But he said he would like one.
And, more knitting.. :) I don't believe it myself, but I actually finished a garterlac dishcloth. I tried doing garterlac, like 5 years ago. I could NOT understand it. So I gave up even thinking about trying another one. Until recently. It was the pattern of the week (even though it's technically like every two weeks, now) on the Dishcloth Weekly Knitalong Group I am in on Ravelry. And, someone posted a link to pictures. That helped me so much. I think if it wasn't for those pictures, I wouldn't have got it. As it was, I had to rip it out twice because I lost track of what I was doing or supposed to be doing. I almost ripped the whole thing out, once. But I ripped it back to a point and walked away from it. LOL When I came back later, I said "Hey, I know what I was doing here" (Miraculously)... And, I finished it. I don't know if I will ever be able to do another one. But. :P The pattern is in PDF file, so I thought it would just be easiest to put in a link to his blog. (Criminy Jickets) The pattern is in the sidebar. Also, a link to the Flickr page with the helpful pictures, that someone helpfully posted! How to Garterlac Pictures. Here is my finished cloth, and I will shut up about it. ;P

Oh, and more knitting... :P Some Knit Hair Raising Headbands. From the Lion Brand Yarn website. I knitted two so far. (I am getting waaaaaay deep in getting away from the projects I already have going, I know... Sigh.) But, they are finished. (Except the steering wheel cover.)

I did not use Lion Brand Cotton Ease. I just used Sugar n' Cream. Or you could use Peaches n' Cream. Or acrylic. I love how these feel. Not like the plastic headbands that give me a headache after about an hour. The green one I will probably send to Pine Ridge. I need to get some more colors to make more. (Someday!!...) They do work up fast, though. So. :D


Vik said...

Hi Tina! Oh yes! Dear MIMI is a Crochet Genius!!!
I love the Entrelac Dishcloth, I made lots of them!

Mimi said...

Thanks for the links, Tina! The necklaces are cute ;)
I love your garterlac dishcloth and would really want to try it sometime. I'm fortunate to have one that Vik made for me :))
Looking forward to see the steering wheel cover attached. I'm wondering how it would be put in place, I would like to try crocheting one some other time, and maybe put a garter on it instead of ties.

Btw, the first comment (no pains, no gains...) is spam, and contains links to undesirable sites. I have moderated my comments for approval because of these persistent spammers.

Mimi said...

Hi again Tina! I saw the pattern, the steering wheel cover is sewn in wonder it looks so neat! Looking forward to see your FO. I want to make one for my car, but...I'm afraid pretty soon it won't be mine anymore since my younger son will be learning how to drive :p

Tina said...

Thanks Vik and Mimi. I have been getting so much spam lately, thanks for the tip, Mimi. (I'm computer illiterate.)