Saturday, December 22, 2007

I Got a Package from Australia Today!

And, I finally took a picture of the card that Mary Jo sent me, too. :D She put one of the new 'Holiday Knits' stamps on it, too. My favorite one~ the teddy bear. Thank you again for thinking of us and wishing us good luck in our new home, Mary Jo.
My son went to get the mail today. When he came back he said, 'You got a package from Australia'. I said 'Are you serious?' (I have not been feeling good all day and have been out of it, so I thought maybe I was half dreaming?) lol... It had cute Koalas all over the outside... (I love them, they are so cute!) I knew who it was from, before I even looked at the return address.... :P Makes me want to make another koala bear... And the inside envelope had them, and a Koala card, too. And some Australian holiday stamps. Thank you, Cupcake!
And she sent a 2008 Australian birds calendar. I love it!! I love all birds, and birds from Australia are even more cool~ Thanks so much. I have also been looking for a 2008 calendar since I don't have one yet... Thank you. :)
And another stamp book! The kids all love this one. With more stamps! Awesome!!
And a shark~'Yikes! He's biting me!' :P When you move the page the mouth opens and closes, it is so cool. Thanks so much, Cupcake!


Mimi said...

Awesome creatures!

Tina said...

I was so surprised to get this package. You should see all the birds in the calender, they are so colorful and pretty.