Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Toy Swap Toys Are Here!

Here is the first toy we got out. I just kind of knew who this one was for... :p (I think he likes it!)
Karla sent a few Happy Meal Toys, too- Woo Hoo! (Can never go wrong with those!)
This one came out too dark, but he had a huge smile on his face here. Karla made him a snake!!
Here he is ready to go play with all his new toys! He took them outside then put them on the lawn chair so they wouldn't get dirty. :p
And, here is the teenager with his (what he has decided is a) CD holder.
With a couple of his CDs in it already. About ten minutes after I gave it to him and told him who it's from, he came outside and (with it in his hands), said, 'This is cool. I like this.' Karla, coming from a teenager, I think that is a good sign you did a good job deciding what to make him! :)
And, last but certainly not least, Karla also sent me some goodies, too!! Thank you so much, Karla. I have never tried the 'Primo' yarn, but it is wool! I love it! And I of course, always love the Sugar n' Cream to make dishcloths with. And some really pretty ribbon bookmarks with pendants on both ends. Thank you so much for everything, Karla!! The kids all really love what you sent, and so do I.


Mimi said...

Wow! Everything looks good, no wonder your sons were all smiling!

Karla said...

Oh, Tina, I am SO GLAD they liked everything! You can't imagine how much I "second-guessed" myself. I wondered if it was "too young", "too colorful", "too boring" get the picture. To see their smiles really makes it all worth the fretting. Makes me feel silly for fretting! What really RELIEVES me is that your 14 year old son LIKED the box I crocheted for him. I really wanted to make him that Star Trek Ken outfit but couldn't and this was a far cry from that! So I just worried that he'd "laugh" this little "box" off. I'm so glad that he will be able to make use of it by putting his CD's in it. Saying it's "cool" is the highest of praise for me! :)

Glad you liked your goodies, too! Couldn't NOT send Mommy something, too! :)

Tina said...

Karla, You done good! They all really like everything. I was even impressed that Evan said 'This is really cool. I like this.'...! But, I know what you mean, second guessing yourself, I do the same thing, trying to make things for my nieces and nephews (in fact I am doing it right now!) Thanks again for everything! :)
Hi Mimi! :)

Vik said...

Nice pictures, Tina!