Friday, July 14, 2006

Blossom Has Arrived, All The Way From Australia!!

Here she is, safe and sound. This picture is not the greatest, I have other better pictures, but photobucket is down today. (Grrr) And, I wanted to post everything Cupcake sent me!! First and foremost, Little Blossom. I *won* her in a Koala Kapers contest. The 'objective' was to find little Kimberly and one other Koala on Crochetville somewhere. The winner got a Koala crocheted by Cupcake herself! Well, I looked high and low but I could not find any... But, Cupcake said she would have pity on me and send me a Koala since I tried so hard. (Okay, she didn't say 'have pity', but..) I am so happy she sent me one. I just love this little Koala! Cupcake also sent a Eucalyptus leaf with 'G'day from Australia' written on it. (So little Blossom wouldn't feel so lonely when she got here.) And, an Australia postcard with a real Koala on it!! (It was funny, because my oldest son, when I got the package in the mail, said, 'Is that your Koala?' and I said, 'Yes.' :) When I saw the Koala on the postcard, I said, 'Now this is what a 'real' Koala looks like'.) Not 'funny', LOL funny, but humorous.. Okay maybe not even funny at all. Anyway. She also sent an Australia magnet for the fridge! (Which I forgot to put in the picture.) It's cool. Our fourteen year old said, 'I want one.' :( I told him we could all use this... OH! And just about the coolest thing, she sent some eucalyptus candies!! I've never had candy from Australia. Come to think of it, the only things I have ever gotten from Australia is a postcard, and my Uncle bought me an opal necklace when he went to Australia one year. I'll have to take a picture of it someday when photobucket is deciding to work... Anyway, thank you Cupcake for everything!! I love little Blossom and will take good care of her!


Mimi said...

That is just so cute, Tina! Cupcake makes the best crochet animal toys ;)

Tina said...

I know; and she is so tiny! I don't know how she got her so little. It's so cute, though.