Tuesday, December 29, 2015

One of the slots on the spreadsheet that was low at the end of this month was sleep sacks. So, I started working on some (like crazy, over the weekend/Christmas).  I got three done. But, then someone else sent some and that slot got filled. I was going to send them out anyway. But I am going to wait until next month now..  I might make some hats/booties/mittens to go with some of these..   I was just trying to use up what I have..

Here is a picture Paula, does this help?  I don't know what size blade it is, the package didn't say; and there's no numbers on the cutter, or the blade. But my skip stitch blade interchanges with this. I will try to find it later and see what size blade that is..  
ETA: The skip stitch blade says "For use with 45mm Rotary Cutters".  Is that more help, Paula?
I woke up way too early this morning so I could say goodbye to my husband before he left for work.   I might have to take a nap later..

I picked up a pair of jeans that used to be tight on me; to hold in front of me, now.   Since February I have been trying to lose weight. I lost over 30 lbs and went from a size 8/10 to a 6.  I was only trying to lose 25 to get to my goal weight, but that last five was due to major stress, since I wasn't even trying...

Last night Steve brought home Christmas presents from his brother and our sister-in-law/Aunt and Uncle to the boys..  She got all of us (except Steve) stockings, and presents.  She spoiled us way too much!!  I feel so bad. All I got her was a Christmas candle. Christmas was super tight this year..     :(
My husband showed me how to upload my phone pictures to the computer, I should do that soon then maybe I can figure out how to post more pictures here..  


paula said...

Yes, that I think this is the same one I have, or similar. Not sure because it is packed up to move . . . LOLOL But I do know I have a skip blade, or whatever the name is, so all I need to do is learn to use it.

LOVE the sack with the yellow strip. So bright and cheery for the winter.

Tina said...

The skip stitch blade is easy. I just use it like a regular blade, take the regular one off and put the skip stitch blade on. I usually go about and inch and a half or less from the edge of the fleece, all around; using my rotary mat and guide.. It's easy. If I can do it, you can.