Saturday, December 19, 2015

I took this picture a few days ago. Our front door...  I put the rug out there, and then remembered our snowman wreath.  We had a hook on our door in TN, but nothing to hang it with here. We finally went to the hardware store, and got the last one.   Long story, but I had gone there earlier in the day and got a different hook- because I only  had $10 and this hook was $12.99. There were a bunch of them. Well the other hook (which I didn't really like, it had an extra hanging loop and was big and plastic) didn't even go over the width of the door.  Eon liked it for his room to hang his hoodie on.  My husband took me back the same night and got the other hook for me.  Guess what? it was 50% off, so I did have enough money.  Ugh...  (I didn't see any 50% off signs by them..)   ~~Anyway~~   I would like to get a different wreath next year. This one was left by some previous tenants at our house in TN.  So we kept it...  (I would also like to get a different rug, too- one that says Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays..)   

I finally took a picture of my mitered squares blanket progress.  I felt like I had come so far. But it looks so little, still..  It is fun and relaxing to knit, though.

Eon put Jetta's Santa dress on Duke. :P  I think he likes it. He wore it all day..  He's so funny.Eon also put a Jingle Bell on his collar. I bought some bells for a project, and he keeps using them for things. i wish he would do some Arts & Crafts with me..

Since it is officially Christmas Break, I wanted to go do something... (I don't know what, since all I know is how to get around this town and to Fred Meyer's).  If I can drag Eon to come with me..  I wanted to go get a couple things to put in my husbands' stocking.  O'keefe's Working Hands was one thing...  And some more candy to make him a Candy Cane Sleigh.  I finished the two for the boys.  I took a picture, but its on my phone..  Here are some I have done in the past.  I also saw some Peppermint Candy Spoons I really want to do.  I would have to go find the mold for the spoons. I think the boys would like those for stocking stuffers..


Mimi said...

Hi Tina, nice door decor and cute Duke! I've been wanting to make Christmas stuff too...but, crafting took a different course...(didn't even have time to put up my own christmas tree from last year...) besides no kids here (except a toddler nephew who's afraid of everyone and only plays with his mom and dad), and my siblings aren't into it too. They have one small dog though, that I'm thinking last minute to make a santa hat so I can post a pic :)))

paula said...

How about dipping some plastic spoons, or thrift store spoons in melted chocolate and them into broken peppermints?

They would be so good in hot chocolate.