Wednesday, January 09, 2013

More Catching Up..

Now that I figured out how to post pictures (again), I can catch up some more.. :)  These are a pair of slippers I actually finished. They are the Yarn Lover Room's Slipper Sock pattern. I had been wanting to try them forever. I'll be sending them to Knit-A-Square.  I think I originally started them for Eon for a stocking stuffer but he said he didn't want any slippers. So.

We went sledding over Christmas Break. :D   There isn't any snow here, so we had to go up on  Mt.  Charleston.  There were a gazillion people!!! But..  It was still fun.  Look at Eon's pants. :P

Coming down the hill. It went down farther, behind me; too.

Steve went down a few times, too. I wanted to, but (I don't know why) I never did. Probably because I was too busy taking pictures (and freezing, lol).

Eon had so much fun. Look at that smile. I can never get him to smile for pictures anymore (when he even lets me take his picture!). 

Still smiling..  :P   He didn't even want to leave. But he was covered in snow, soaking wet and cold. 

Have you ever seen the Honey Badger video?  Soooo funny! (If you have little ones in the room, you might want to wait until they are in bed or out of the room to watch it as it does have some *language* in it you might not want them to hear.) We went to the arcade in the bowling alley here in town, and they had a bunch of these in one of the "claw" machines. Well Eli is the Master at getting toys out of those machines. He got me this one. :D   We went again about a week ago, but the machine was broke. :(  The claw had fallen down. 

A picture of Mt. Charleston.  I think it's so pretty.

And, a Slouchy Hat and Scarf set I finished for one of my girls I sponsor. I  used the Phannie hat pattern. And the Crochet Ribbed Scarf pattern. The Challenge this month and next for Crafting for a Cause is hats and scarves. This one doesn't actually count towards the challenge, because the challenge is for Pass Creek Elderly Center. But..  I did start another scarf today, in soft white. I still haven't decided which hat pattern I want to make. I like the Durango Hat.


Mimi said...

What fun, esp for Eon! The place looks wonderful even just seeing it in the pics ;)
I like that hat and scarf! I made a ribbed scarf too that I gave to my son's g.f for Christmas...she liked it a lot but said it was a bit short so I added fringes. I might make the Phannie hat to match ;)

Tina said...

It was fun, but (I don't know if I mentioned) there were SO many people there! Everyone had the same idea as us, to go sledding over Christmas Break. It was still fun, though. Someone lost some keys and we were trying to find who they belonged to. We never did find them, but someone else took over trying to find the owners... The phannie hat was pretty easy to do. I want to make myself one. It is so cold here right now! I don't think it has ever been this cold here since I've lived here, and I realized I don't have a single hat for myself. I always wear Eons' or Steves' hats I made for them. :P