Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Evan & Jayce's Afghan Has Been Delivered

Thank you so much for the tip on Picmonkey, Mimi!!! :D  I love making collages. Sometimes you almost need one.  I took Evan & Jayce's afghan up to Evan before he went in to work the other day. (Yesterday?) Oh yeah, it was yesterday..  They both like it. I didn't know this was the colors he wanted, I totally guessed when I started this. And about a month ago, Evan said "Can you make me a blanket with grey and black and like a dark red/burgundy?"  :0  I said "Are you serious?... " And I told him I had been making him one, in those colors. Weirdest thing ever. Or I know him better than I thought... Lol.

(You can see the afghan almost didn't fit in the gift bag~ And I got the biggest bag I could find.)  :P  


paula said...

That's how my afghan's always look.

Now, I put them in a white, tall kitchen bag and then add curling ribbons to the top . . festive and a hint of color from the inside.

I like the colors you used.

Mimi said...

Glad I was able to help Tina :)
That's really a wonderful gift, good thing you had enough patience to finish!