Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Today's The Day...

I don't believe it... But somehow I managed to finish something!! Eons' puppy. :P   It didn't turn out as cute as I thought (remembered them to be). But he likes it. He even made it a little dog house. :P  (He named it Fudge.)  I had to make the nose a non-official dog nose color. Since the dog was black. And black eyes wouldn't show up very well on him, either. So I used googly eyes. The pattern is in "Crafting Traditions", an out of print crafting magazine.

Look what I got in the mail a couple days ago! It was Mail Day for me, I got this; and three letters! One was from Mimi. ;)  This is a Friendship Square~ from supermom.  :D  I was really suprised; since I haven't even been on that thread in forever.  I thought, maybe this is just what I need right now, to get back into making Friendship Squares..

I got all my squares out that I have recieved so far. Some of them were already edged, and I edged a couple more.  I had to get Jetta in the picture, too. :P   It's a little blurry, sorry..   This picture was taken in my "new" craft room.  Yup, I now have a craft room (once again..)  It has been about 15 years since I've had one. (Before our second son was born, and we only had a 3 bedroom house.)  Well now we have a four "bedroom" house. But one of the "bedrooms" is really an office/extra room.  That was the 8 year olds' bedroom (which he never slept in~ long story).  Well our 19 year old moved out last month. Just out of nowhere.   So, you can see why I am not overly excited to have a craft room again.  :/    I also have all three hamsters in "my" room. :/  (They ARE a pain to sleep with, as they are nocturnal creatures..)  I don't really mind.  I'm the one who takes care of them 90% of the time, anyway.  On a funny side note, that is why Jetta is sitting there, not moving. Because Eon had one of the hamsters out of it's cage. (She is afraid of them! I think it's so funny..)  She is still really just a puppy, though..  She'll be five months old next week. :D   A couple days ago, Steve was playing with her on the floor, and he picked something up and said "What's this? Jetta lost one of her claws." I smiled and said "Or one of her baby teeth?"  ;P   I guess this isn't her first one. I looked at the other side of her mouth; and same tooth, other side, she has one coming in there. No wonder she has been so whiny. She's teething! I've been giving her lots of ice cubes...  :)

You are probably wondering, "What does 'Today's The Day' have anything to do with anything she has posted so far?"; by now....   Well this is it.  My husband is replacing the head (and a gasket) on his truck, today.  He has been working on it a lot, lately. (He would be so mad if he knew I posted this on here... :P)   He had to take everything out of his engine. He was starting to put some things back in and realized the gasket was bad, too.  I know absolutely nothing about cars/trucks/fixing them, so..  My husband tries to show me stuff & explain it, but I just tell him, "I had to go down to a G hook, because the one I was using wasn't getting the right guage"...  :P   (In other words, I might as well tell you about crocheting or knitting, because I don't know anything you are saying about trucks!!!...)  :P

I was fortunate enough to get the summer issue of Interweave Crochet, yesterday! I want to make the cover tank (The Grove Park Tank~ "Cover Tank" sounds kinda weird, lol..)      I would have to order some of that yarn though. Sigh... I hate that. :(  There is a bag in there that I like, the (?) Polka Dot bag..    Not like I NEED another project...  (Sigh..)  I should just stop buying and looking at new patterns..             Well I hope everyone is staying cool (wildfires in Arizona) and dry, if you are having flooding...   Crazy weather! It was 110 here yesterday. I think we broke a record. Maybe not..   It's supposed to be in the triple digits for the next few days. (Why don't they just say the next few months?...  Here we go~ Summer in the Mojave Desert~ Ugh...)  My fourth summer here, and I'm still not used to this heat.   Anyway~~ Have a Great Day, everyone! <3

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Mimi said...

I hardly know anything about engines and other mechanical stuff too...even though someone will try to explain.
How nice to have your very own craft room! - more space to fill up with yarns/supplies and other crafty stuff. I guess you'll have more WIPs soon ;) The cover tank top looks good.. the current issue of IC is so inspiring.