Saturday, October 10, 2009

Simply Striped Shrug done! I am kind of disappointed, though. It's a little tight. :( I could have kept going, but I ran out of thread. It fits, but is tight. I will try to get a picture of it on me soon. I got one today before it got too dark out, on a hanger.

You can purchase this pattern on Mimi's Ravelry page, or her mycrochetstuff page. :) Thanks again for letting me test out your pattern, Mimi!

I think I might work on my Central Park Hoodie now. I have two more sweaters in mind that I really like. One Miss Kitty started (on Crochet Mania): "Wicked Sweater", and one I saw just looking through Knitty one day, "Girl Friday".


Mimi said...

Good job Tina, thanks for trying out my pattern :)
I will be looking forward to see your sweaters. You can finish it before the weather gets cold.
...and here I was tempting you to make a purse :p

Tina said...

Ha ha! I am making the purse anyway. :P I can't resist. :D