Thursday, October 15, 2009

I had forgotten to take a picture of the potholder I crocheted for a recent swap on CrochetMania.... This is it. She said her kitchen was a 'rainbow' of colors. I thought of this variegated for some reason. It's got bright cheery colors... Then when I was crocheting it, it was turning out way too big. So I frogged what I did and chained only 45 or 40. It started turning out like a rainbow! I thought that was so cool. :P

I recently joined the Chakra Purse CAL in the Crochet in the Philippines Group I am in on Ravelry. I don't live in the Philippines at all, but Mimi invited me to join the group (and the CAL :P), so I did! This is what I have so far on the purse. It was all going well til I did the flap. :( I think it is the pattern. I followed it exactly, and it is all wonky and lopsided. It is also 'pulling'... I noticed someone else's Chakra purse on Ravelry did the same thing (I searched for other ones people might have made...) There was another one someone else did that looked perfect, though. Sigh... Maybe once I get it all finished, it will work out. Maybe if I try blocking it.
I started the front last night. I think I need to slow down. In between my shoulder blades has been aching. My wrists and hands have been aching... I thought it was from knitting, since I have been working on my Central Park Hoodie recently. (Knitting too much hurts my hands..) Who knows. I should start slowing down, though..

Here is a picture of Baby E, in his Fishy Sweater I knitted for him before he was born. :) I was really into knitting sweaters back then for the kids. I don't know why I got away from it. Probably because they never wore them, and the ones I knitted for other people I felt were never appreciated (or worn) either... Now, it's too hot where we live to wear sweaters! I guess I'll stick to knitting them for just me. :D (CPH...)

I hope everyone is having a good week so far... I suppose I should get busy here and start the day. :)


Mimi said...

That is a cute sweater (and baby!)

I made my son a crocheted sweater from cheap acrylic yarn when we stayed in Baguio (up north where its cold), he loved it because of the bright colors. But I think it was yucky and left it behind...(maybe I have a photo of it buried somewhere) I really wished I could knit then.

I'm so glad you joined our CAL, Tina. Its so much fun to have you around - thanks!
My chakra purse WIP is also getting wonky, but the scanned image doesn't show it because it is pressed on the scanner. I am now about to begin the heart design...housework can wait ;)

Tina said...

Yes, housework will wait for you. That's what I hate about it. :P

I was going to rip out the flap and re-do it, but... I think I will leave it. I guess it looks kinda 'folk heart-y' or something...