Monday, May 12, 2008

Another Afghan WIP....

I haven't worked on this one in a long time. I have just been using it as a lapghan, or to wrap around my shoulders when my husband turns the air on. lol. I looked through my blog to see if I ever posted about this. I did. Way back in March of '06. Sheesh. (I still have not finished that BMC doily yet, either. I doubt I ever will. I hate that thing....) I love this afghan, though. I already told everyone it's mine. :P (I'm the only one that uses it, anyway.) I have only done about six rows since last working on it, but it seems a lot bigger. Maybe it's just in my head. :P Since the last time I posted about it, though; I think I have done about another foot at least. I think it is going to be huge when it's done. It's already almost big enough to use as an afghan (for me, at least). I have been working on it a lot lately. And my Central Park Hoodie, too. I hope to get all these UFOs done before I start any new ones. Or at least get the pile down to a reasonable amount.... :P

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Mini spinach pies in phyllo dough.... This was the only one left by the time I thought to take a picture. I have been wanting to make these for a while. I got the spinach to make them, phyllo dough... and ricotta cheese, mozarella.... When I got the cookbook out I didn't actually need all those ingredients. (I think they may have tasted better with them, though; now after eating them...) The recipe I used was similar to this one. Where I used to work every now and then I would do appetizers & cocktails. The spinach pies were sooo good. (We weren't supposed to eat the food, shhh....) When you stand out in the foyer smelling and staring at them all night, though (and you're starving since you didn't have dinner!) it is almost impossible. (Everyone did it, anyway... You just had to know who not to get caught by...) They threw away all the excess anyway (that was what really burned me...). If there was any extra special cookies or anything, you couldn't take them home for your kids, they just threw them away rather than have employees 'steal' the food.... Anyway!!! Don't know how I got off on that subject....

I have been wanting to make some jam thumbprints, too. I don't like nuts in my cookies, though. I have been trying to look for a recipe without nuts. Someday this week I'll probably make some with the kids. Here are some beautiful cookies on a tray. (Hope you weren't hungry....) Her recipe has nuts, too, though... Here's one recipe with no nuts. (No picture though.) Here's another one with no nuts. And a picture. Not as pretty as the first link, but... Hope you have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Moon Cakes

I am reading a book I got from the library, take one big guess what the title is... :P Moon Cakes by Andrea Louie. I just like to look at the cover and title of the book. If it looks like I will like it, I then proceed to read the inside cover.... Well I started reading this book and at first I just could not get into it. But, I kept reading it.... And finally kind of started liking it. She talks about moon cakes. I didn't know these were a real thing. (I have never been outside of the U.S...) This is what they look like. If you scroll to the right, you can see the moon cake presses she made them with. Here are a few recipes for mooncakes: at aboutdotcom, dltk or something.., Spices of Life blog (this is the same person who took the picture in first link)~ I think this is the one I printed out.... If you google you could probably find a recipe you like. I went to an Asian Market today. I was hoping to find some moon cakes or a press. But I didn't see either. We have a China town near here I will have to have my husband take me there soon so I can look for Moon Cakes. Maybe they are only available during the Moon Festival.... I don't know. If I find any, I'll be sure to take a picture of them and share them here. :)

Monday, May 05, 2008

Go Speed Racer!

I have no interest whatsoever in this movie, especially since Susan Sarandon is in it!? (What is up with that?) You can watch a preview/trailer of it here, if you want... I was just curious what Speed Racer looked like. The kids kept saying, 'Speed Racer is white, Mom'... Well it isn't exactly 'Speed Racer', but it's a cool little race car that Nutsaboucrochet13 let me be a tester for! It should be up in her Etsy store soon. (I like her bowling set, too.)
Here he is~ already racing! He wasted no time finding the track. :P The little guy pops out, and his helmet comes off. The wheels rotate, too. They don't really *spin*, but I think the whole car is pretty cool beans! Thanks again for letting me test it for you!