Thursday, October 19, 2006

Some More FO's...

Baby sweaters. :) This one is the 'Baby It's Cold Outside!' sweater, from Crochet Me. It worked up SOOO fast! I still can't believe how fast it was. I finished it mostly yesterday (and, I started yesterday at about 1 in the afternoon!) Between going to pick up kids at two different schools, and making dinner... Then this morning all I had left was the sewing up the seams, borders, and the buttons. I want to make this hat to go with it. If I can figure out how to size it for a six month old. I saw KnicKnacs', and it must have been what I needed to finally make one. I've had the pattern printed out and been wanting to forever. This one will go to my brother and his wife for their baby boy who's due in November. (I will probably make more stuff for him, too, so stay tuned for that...) :) It's supposed to be sized for a six months, but I just measured it and it is 1/2 inch smaller. So maybe it's technically a three month size... I've actually already started another one of these, in pink and white, for my (great) niece.

Here is the Cuddle Me Hooded Baby Sweater I've also finished. This one is going to Pine Ridge. I used a G hook I think instead of an I. The I seemed too loose for me. So I'm not sure what size this is, either. I'm guessing a 6-12 months, but I don't know. The size it's supposed to work up to is a 12 months, but mine measured 11 inches across the chest. I don't have the pattern right here in front of me, so I don't know.. Well if you're looking for baby sweaters, there's two links for ya, anyway. ;) Have a Nice Day everyone! Thanks for stopping by. :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Wedding Gift (In Progress) and a Magazine

My MIL was over this past weekend. We went to an apple orchard (stay tuned for pictures of apple pies!...) :p (Maybe...) She brought over two magazines for me! Both were this 'Piecework'. This one has the pattern for the purse on the cover inside. I was really excited when I read that the pattern was in it (it had something on the cover about 'Win this crocheted or tatted purse', so I wasn't sure...) But after I thought about it, I wasn't so excited... It looks kind of hard. Maybe someday I will try one, though. There were other kinds of things inside, quilting, embroidery... And the other issue had a knitted baby hat by Elizabeth Zimmerman or else her daughter, Meg Swanson... And a pair of World War I knitted socks pattern. Pretty neat. She got them both for only 10c at the library book sale. (My kind of price, too!) ;)

I finally got started on a wedding present for my brother and his wife; after finishing the baby afghan. (Thank you everyone for all your kind comments, I meant to put it in the comments section, but I have been so busy lately.) This is going to be a table runner. It is from the 'Big Book of Crochet', 'Tailor Made Table Runner'. I have absolutely no idea what to get them for a wedding present. They didn't tell anyone they were getting married so we had months to plan; they just up and did it this past summer. No registry lists or anything to go by. And, I don't have any money right now anyway, so I have to crochet something. :) Anyway... I really like this so far! It is so relaxing to crochet. And I love how it is turning out. I showed both of our younger boys, 'What do you see in this? Do you see anything?' I think one of them saw a spider. They should, after all the spiders we've had lately! LOL... It's a spider web diamond pattern. I've never done anything like this before; in thread or yarn. It is kind of like filet, isn't it? Well anyway I hope they will like it. It is kind of like 'What do you get the couple who has everything?' So; I hope... Well it is snowing like mad here today. Crazy. But the kids love it, they are outside playing in it now. Guess it was getting to be time to find all their snow stuff anyway...

Friday, October 06, 2006

Sweet As A Rose..

Baby Afghan. :) I posted about when I had first started this here. Well it's finally finished woo hoo! I am SO glad. I don't know if I will make another one of these for a loooong time. Too many ends to weave in. She had the baby two days ago. So, I didn't get it done before,but right after is okay, too. It is from a Leisure Arts booklet, 'Sweet as a Rose Baby Afghans'. I was trying to decide if I should make a sweater, too.... (Not...) I would maybe but, there is one more person (on that side of the family), and one on my side of the family. I don't want to bite off more than I can chew (or crochet...) Hee Hee. Besides there are other gifts besides this I am giving them. Well thanks for stopping by. I thought you might want to read about something else, after my last post. ;p

Thursday, October 05, 2006


I think I found a black widow spider in my laundry room this morning! It looks just like the one on this site: Black Widow Spiders- Desert USA. Scroll down to where it says 'Breeding', there is a clearer picture of it. It looks and sounds just like the one there. It has a black, round shiny body, long spindly legs, and two red dots on the bottom. :0 This is the second one like it we've found in the last couple of weeks, too. We also found a Funnel Web Spider a few weeks ago. It looked most like this one. My husband looked that one up online. They are poisonous in Australia, but apparently not here. Black Widows are, though! My skin is going to be crawling all day now. I did see two Northern Flickers, too, though, today. They were on our neighbors' shed. I think one was a male and one was a female. They were pretty. I want to get my sheperds' hook and some bird seed so I can put my bird feeders back up. (Somewhere where the squirrels can't get to them.) ;)