Thursday, October 05, 2006


I think I found a black widow spider in my laundry room this morning! It looks just like the one on this site: Black Widow Spiders- Desert USA. Scroll down to where it says 'Breeding', there is a clearer picture of it. It looks and sounds just like the one there. It has a black, round shiny body, long spindly legs, and two red dots on the bottom. :0 This is the second one like it we've found in the last couple of weeks, too. We also found a Funnel Web Spider a few weeks ago. It looked most like this one. My husband looked that one up online. They are poisonous in Australia, but apparently not here. Black Widows are, though! My skin is going to be crawling all day now. I did see two Northern Flickers, too, though, today. They were on our neighbors' shed. I think one was a male and one was a female. They were pretty. I want to get my sheperds' hook and some bird seed so I can put my bird feeders back up. (Somewhere where the squirrels can't get to them.) ;)


Mimi said...

Tina, the Black Widow and Funnel Web Spiders look scary!!! We have seen spiders here, but none that look so tough as those...I guess you have to be super extra careful with the ones that are poisonous.

Tina said...

Hi Mimi :) The Funnel Web Spiders aren't poisonous, but we do have to be careful because of the Black Widows. You can't really spray either (Well you can, but it won't do any good..) Because spiders walk up on their legs, and the spray won't really affect them. And with black widows, they don't lick themselves like other spiders do. So if you want to spray them, you have to spray the spider itself. I have been vacuuming and cleaning out closets today. Yikes.... :0