Thursday, July 02, 2015

Sweater Progress

I went to Walmart and got more yarn yesterday (what a nightmare). I got the last one in the color I needed. (I love how you have to search, and find it in a bin with brown yarn?...) Anyway. I got enough to finish it. So.. I got both sleeves done last night. They look too short to me. But...  I am doing what the pattern says to do.. 

These are some wildflowers that grow in a stand of trees/bushes in the middle of our backyard (up by the house).  They're up by the road, and down at the end of our yard, too. I think they are brown eyed susans. But... I don't know. They're pretty. (Unless you get up close, then they don't look so good..)

We also have some blackberry bushes in our backyard, by the flowers (and down at the end of the yard, too; down at the bottom of the hill).  Weve been seeing a lot of deer lately...   (They must be eating the berries..)

Some that I picked. I washed them about five times...  to get any bugs out. But, they didn't get eaten. They aren't very sweet.  I've never actually eaten blackberries right off a bush (that I remember). So...  Maybe they aren't supposed to be sweet? Or, maybe they aren't ripe enough.

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paula said...

You got it. Black yed Susans.

We mix our blackberries in with strawberries and add sugar. They are kind of sweet but I think they need to be sweeter too.