Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Well, it's only bee two weeks tomorrow since we puppy-sat. I've been a bad blogger. This is Rosebud. She's my son's girlfriends' Mom's/family's puppy? Lol..  My son & his girlfriend got a puppy, and her Mom got a puppy from the same litter. (The place they got it from, coincidentally, is our old house- which they aren't supposed to have ANY dogs there, ESP a dog with puppies. Apparently dogs are the least of the animals they have there.) Anyway~~

This is Bailey, my son and girlfriends' puppy. I LOVE her. I wanted to hide her & keep her. (We all did, except maybe Dad..)

They are Husky/Lab/Terrier mix.

Rosebud about to lick Steve... :P

Me with Bailey..

Puppy Pile :P

It was fun at first, but...  It was almost like having twins. We had to barricade them in the kitchen, because they kept having accidents. The they kept trying to "escape".  So by the time they came & got them, I was done. (We had them five days.)

Evan brought Bailey over last night again. Look how fat she is getting!! I call her "Fat Ball".  I missed her. (Rosebud, not so much~ She is an instigator and kind of mean..)  Bailey by herself would be manageable (with Jetta).  I keep telling Evan I'm going to Puppy-Nap her. He says everyone who sees her, says that.

Besides being a bad blogger, I haven't really felt like crocheting or knitting much at all, either. I took a crochet project with us on vacation, but I didn't feel like working on it at all.   I have been in an Arts & Crafts mood a little.. Eon and I made some more Goo.  He kept adding colors to it, so I don't really know what color it is. Kind of purple-y, I guess.. 

I did manage to finish a pair of slipper socks, somehow... These have been done a while.  I have also been working on a scrap afghan, almost every night after dinner while I watch tv. (I have been watching tv lately, too. Something I never used to do much.) I started getting Netflix movies. Then when I don't have a movie, I see if there's anything on tv. I've been watching "American Colony: Meet the Hutterites". LoL.  I just started watching it, so I have to watch all of them...  Next Tuesday is the season finale. :P 

Here is the pattern link for these socks: Aunt Terry's Slipper Socks 1  Thanks, Paula for reminding me. :)

I realized a couple days ago that there was only a month left of summer vacation. So all those things I had "all summer" to do, I have to get done now. Mostly doctors appointments & dentist appointments, and school shopping. And having fun...  I don't know. We haven't really done much besides go on vacation & puppy sit. There isn't much to do here. Too hot to go outside, and nothing in this town...    I was thinking about getting some paint and painting some rocks. I don't know if Eon would want to do that.  He got three pen pals now, so he needs to write to them. ;)  Well I hope everyone is staying cool.


paula said...

YOur 'vivitors" have a resemblance to Indy, in the face . . her Akita-ness sure looks like a Husky!

Like your socks . .what pattern did you use?

Tina said...

Oops, yeah I should put the pattern link in. It's Aunt Terry's Slipper Socks pattern, from Mrs. D Crochets. :)