Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some of my Projects' Progress...

Yesterday I re-started the Forest Flower Pullover. I had originally started it in Red Heart Super Saver (the pattern called for worsted weight yarn). But it felt awful. Like a thick, stiff, acrylic towel. I thought by using a drapier (?) yarn like simply soft, or wool-ease, or something else, it would work better. (Plus, I could barely get gauge with worsted weight!).. I had two balls of Lion Brand "Pound of Love" that I bought to make *some* wearable with. I finally decided to try that, and make it in the colors the magazine shows it in. This is my progress so far. I actually finished one more repeat (you can see I started it in the picture), and am on another one. But.

This is my progress so far on a baby set I am working on for the April Challenge for Crafting for a Cause. Which is baby stuff. Got the sweater and booties done. I will probably make a hat, too. And the afghan:
Booties, sweater (or sacque), hat, and afghan patterns.. It took me a long time to find the afghan pattern. It's not going so well as I thought... It's more of a diamond shape than square. Sigh. By the time you wrap the baby up in it, though.. :) I always laid the blanket out in a diamond, then wrapped the bottom corner up, one side, then the other side. I have some green buttons to sew on the sweater. The pattern has a tie closure, but I wanted buttons. Kinda wishing I had just done the tie, now that I have to sew them on... LOL
I have been working on other stuff lately too. Dishcloths. I did finish two pairs of socks just like these. (One adult pair, and one child). I haven't taken any pictures of them yet, though. Actually started and almost finished a Bistro! sock, but it was coming out SO huge, I could not get gauge on that thing. I guess you need to use sewing thread and a size 13 hook. Sigh...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

More Hamster Stuff.. :P

I forgot about this little video clip I made of Rhino. (I got a new phone btw!! Which is how I made the video~~ WITH sound!! :P I was eligible for a free upgrade to a new phone.. :D ) I also forgot I was talking out loud, so.. ignore my dorky voice, LOL... (You can talk baby talk to a hamster, right?...) :P Okay, maybe it's my computer (and me not knowing how to do this stuff...) The sound does not seem to be working. :( At least you can see the little guy...

I found some hamster stuff to crochet, too~~ Of course!! :P I already started one, I am going to make two of these: Hamster Hideout. From watching the hamsters, and from what I read online, they like to hide in small places. The boys make tunnels with a big blanket on the floor, and the hamters like crawling through there. They also put a little plastic barn (I got it at Target for $1, with a bunch of little farm animals) in there, and the hamsters like to crawl inside it. It's just their size. I'm glad Maia can hide from Rhino in there, until we get her a new aquarium of her own (hopefully today, maybe at the thrift store)...

I have lots more stuff to catch up on with projects and project progress... Just need to be a better blogger... (Sigh..) :P

Friday, April 16, 2010


We got a couple hamsters within the last two weeks... Our 13 year old wanted one. So he saved his allowance and any extra money he made, and bought the aquarium, water bottle, and bedding, food... Finally he was able to afford a hamster. Meet Rhino. :D He's a long haired teddy bear hamster. He is so cute!! I never thought I would say that about a rodent.. lol
This was when we first got him. He has really warmed up to us and has such a personality. I love him. (Another thing I never thought I'd say about a rodent!...)
Well; then our youngest son wanted his own hamster... (Sigh...) We told him he would have to save his money up and buy it himself, too. Today he finally had enough money. He bought a grey, short haired girl hamster. Here they are, meeting each other.

When we first put her in the aquarium, she started shoveling food in her mouth and her cheeks were sticking out for at least two hours! (I later read somewhere that hamster means 'hoard' in some language..) Which made sense to me, after seeing her do that. :P I don't think she is as cute as Rhino. She has red eyes. I don't know. She looks more like a mouse to me. Her name is Maia.

Someone said to separate them or they will fight to the death. The woman in the pet place said they should be fine together you just have to watch them and see how they do. I don't know. She was in with three other hamsters, and they weren't fighting. But... I think I will separate them, just cuz Maia is a girl and Rhino is a boy... If they haven't already mated, they will... I probably should have kept them separated from the start. Sigh... Well. Hopefully the pet place will take them, or we can find homes for the babies if there are any...
The pet place also had free kittens with a bag of food purchase... I didn't bring any kittens home though... :P