Monday, March 05, 2007

I Got a Puffy Today from my Secret Pal!!

Yay!!! Lookie what I got! I love paper and pens! I am seriously always buying pens and hoarding them because everyone keeps taking them out of the drawer or my purse.... :( Not these. I am hiding them in the place I hide my candy..... :D And the paper, too. Thank you, secret pal! :) Oh, and the butterfly is a hint of what she is making me.... Now she's got me guessing. ;P Oh and an update on the garterlac dishcloth. I ripped it out. :( I got to the part where it says 'pick up 8 stitches...' got that. But then it says: "*K 8, turn, K7, SKP, turn.* Repeat between the *s another seven times..." That is where I said 'huh?' Do you literally do that seven times or are you supposed to be able to count out K7, K6, each time? Cuz that's where I can't do it.... :( Oh well. Maybe someday it will just come to me out of the blue. Or someone will show me what it means.... Well have a nice Monday everyone!


Mimi said...

Cute gifts, Tina! I'm sure you're also spoiling your other secret pal ;)
The garterlac looks hard, and I wouldnt attempt it since I'm just a beginner in knitting. But I think you'll be able to do it next time ;)

Tina said...

Thanks Mimi. Maybe I'll try it again and take it in to an LYS and see if someone in there knows how to do it?

I am trying to spoil my secrt pal, and my secret pal is spoiling me. :D It's fun though. I haven't done a secret pals swap in a year, I think.